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Elsa: Disney Princesses as different races

Credit: Disney / Let There Be Doodles


  1. Racist…. Why don’t they change black characters white why do all the white characters have to be turned black ooo wait then that would be racist right this world is something else.

    1. Asdf

      But not all the characters are reimagined black. If you look closely at the pictures you see that some of them are Hispanic, Native American, Eskimo, Native Hawaiian, and Asian. Just because the skin color is dark doesn’t mean their African American. And as for this princesses that have been reimagined African American, some of them actually come from different cultures, so they are all different. And Lastly, Princess Tiana does it really matter if she wasn’t changed to white? No one is trying to ease any type of race from existence, these changes are just made in good fun and to prove no matter what race a kid is they are all capable of being a princess. Arguing about something like this makes you no different from the people who argued about people changing Barbie. Barbie was changed because so many young girls want to see their image in her. I’m apologize that we are not all pale, skinny and habe blue eyes and I’m sorry that we love our original things so much that we would like to see them in our image. Some of you probably are not races but does it mean that much to you that you are willing to bash freedom or speech and expression? Have you ever thought that maybe since alot of different race have been under white people so long that maybe it was time for them to get some recognition? Of course you don’t because you didn’t grow up African American, Asian, or Hispanic so either of you don’t know what’s it like.

      As for remaining African American roles, it’s been done, your just too ignorant to see it.

      As for the person that made The comment of making up a new character to relate to like Black Panther, you just describe segregation. Keeping blacks and whites entertainment separate instead of embracing each other’s creations.

      1. Inspired

        I agree! Being a little girl who’s in love with princesses and then thinking you can never be her because of your skin color is rough. These new creations of princesses with new skin colors can change that. If a little girl were to look at this, I think she would be very happy to be able to be that princess and even, just to have some new creations of princesses. I also love how this kind of makes new princesses and it expresses the ability to be whatever you want as a princess or anything else.

    2. Doors

      When are we going to start to see each other as human beings instead as the color of our skin? Does skin color really matter so much to you people that you feel the need to argue about it over cartoon characters?

      You guys need to chill out. This was made for fun and nothing more. I for one love all the princess new look. I love the creativity.

  2. Big Yikes

    really gets the noggin joggin that original black characters can’t be created, it’s white characters that have to be erased.

    1. Toni

      I totally agree thay have no problem with turning white characters black but not the other way around. whites are slowly being eraced.

  3. Jeff Porter

    I have no problem making historically white Disney characters being played by characters of color, as long as those same people who push for this, are ok with prominent blacks being portrayed by white actors in both fantasy and realism.i feel if a race wants to be represented, start another character ie. Black Panther etc.

  4. RB

    They need to take into consideration the origin of the characters and time these stories were created. Example: Snow White so named for her fair skin, change that and you change the story. I couldn’t help but notice that Tiana who was a woman of colour was changed as well, interesting that the reimagining seems to remove white characters altogether.

    1. Queenie

      Exactly. Preach it. You can’t change the classics. Just make new movies.

  5. Qwert

    This was made for fun not for ignorant people to bash it. Get a life.

  6. INTERESTING! I was able to identify the different ethnicities, including Inuit and Maori! I would like to see more of these beautiful women in Disney animations in the future.

  7. Sondra Dodds Stewart

    Thank you for adding depth and artistic license to depict animation to reflect life inclusive of all the many inhabitants. Opening up the world for all yo participate and believe and enhance possibilities in every area of life is realistic and healthy, and progressive.

  8. I love this version – Elsa & Anna look way more like the Northuldra people , so that storyline is much more believable . thank you so much for doing this hopefully it will increase diversity in the film industry , which is seriously lacking

  9. Riley

    This is just wrong! The princesses were fine as they were. You can’t change the past to make it ‘fit’ in with the present. Go bombard Disney to make new princesses. Just don’t touch my classics. EVER.

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