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  1. Kelvington

    So will this count as an Avatar Prequel? Or Sequel?

  2. Thomas

    I’m always wary and dubious about the remake-era that Disney has put itself in, I’m a huge Disney fan to the point that I could be taken to rehab for my addiction. However, if ‘Pocahontas’ was done, it’s one I would love to see – however, I know that Alan Menken has said in interviews that it’s one he’s unsure would get remade as live-action or as a stage musical as there are all the historical commentaries from the 1995 movie that it could be difficult to produce (that being said if I could get in touch with him I have a tonne of ideas that would make a stage version work). It’s a difficult one, though depending on how ‘Mulan’ turns out it could be feasible. I do agree that it’s horribly underrated though, the music I adore, and it often surprises me that it hasn’t been featured in Kingdom Hearts too.

  3. Harley

    Unlike mulan pocahontas is a historical figure that disney got way inaccurate! First pocahontas was a barely a teenager never met nor fell in love w john smith and her historical placement has her dying probably way before the age shes portrayed as in the movie! Anyone whom travels to or lives in williamsburg/jamestowne will tell you such!
    So not only would we be remaking this movie accurately take some understand of facts vs disney made a cute movie whose songs are amazing but like commenters have said above me and even the article states it needs a genuine native american actress! This isnt a fairy tale like mermaid or mulan whose just as much as one to the chinese culture but a person whom was once alive!

  4. Alanna

    No. Amonute’s tribe has asked that she be left alone.

  5. Retia Bush

    I really love Disney so much!!! And I have always loved Pocahontas and I think it would be amazing to see a live action version! With a strong Native American female as the lead would be awesome sure it may be controversial but I would at least try

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