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  1. Kelvington

    So will this count as an Avatar Prequel? Or Sequel?

  2. Thomas

    I’m always wary and dubious about the remake-era that Disney has put itself in, I’m a huge Disney fan to the point that I could be taken to rehab for my addiction. However, if ‘Pocahontas’ was done, it’s one I would love to see – however, I know that Alan Menken has said in interviews that it’s one he’s unsure would get remade as live-action or as a stage musical as there are all the historical commentaries from the 1995 movie that it could be difficult to produce (that being said if I could get in touch with him I have a tonne of ideas that would make a stage version work). It’s a difficult one, though depending on how ‘Mulan’ turns out it could be feasible. I do agree that it’s horribly underrated though, the music I adore, and it often surprises me that it hasn’t been featured in Kingdom Hearts too.

  3. Harley

    Unlike mulan pocahontas is a historical figure that disney got way inaccurate! First pocahontas was a barely a teenager never met nor fell in love w john smith and her historical placement has her dying probably way before the age shes portrayed as in the movie! Anyone whom travels to or lives in williamsburg/jamestowne will tell you such!
    So not only would we be remaking this movie accurately take some understand of facts vs disney made a cute movie whose songs are amazing but like commenters have said above me and even the article states it needs a genuine native american actress! This isnt a fairy tale like mermaid or mulan whose just as much as one to the chinese culture but a person whom was once alive!

  4. Alanna

    No. Amonute’s tribe has asked that she be left alone.

  5. Retia Bush

    I really love Disney so much!!! And I have always loved Pocahontas and I think it would be amazing to see a live action version! With a strong Native American female as the lead would be awesome sure it may be controversial but I would at least try

  6. Tina Middleton

    It is a loved childhood movie that no matter what us adults want to point out is wrong with it or inaccurate that the children would love to see remade with our new graphics and technologies and one that the parents and children would both enjoy together as a family

    1. Jeffrey

      I’m a Native American of the Patawomeck tribe, and a direct descendant of Pocahontas. As such it should be a Native American actress playing the part and it should be truer then the animated movie

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