Comments for Lawsuit claims minor was injured when a Walt Disney World Monorail stalled


Credit: Disney


  1. Harley

    I love how dumb guest does something and its disney’s fault why not sue the other party? Its like the sad situation w fight in dl! You got drunk and sassy isn’t disney fault! The monorail breaking down disney fault idiot broke window not employed by wdw nor asked by wdw to do so thats on them!
    Its like when i wrked there and there still is an issue w ecv accidents like not wdw fault person in ecv can’t use it properly! Someone once told me as just an attractions cm bc i wasnt understanding their sorrow they were going to sue me… for what i didnt run into you with an ecv and you look fine to me as your cursing me out!

  2. Stan Prus

    As an annual passholder who visits the parks regularly, I can tell you The monorails stall pretty frequently. I have been stuck on them for varying amounts of time up to 20 minutes.

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