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The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Credit: Disney


  1. Harley

    Omg this is insane but this unfortunately happens alot and no one truly understands that safety D begins with me is something cast members learn for everyone safety and i am glad cm was safe! Is this what the world has come too? I truly hope we do not hear this crazy guest sues the company bc the cm is being nice!

    1. Harley

      P.s. forgot to add how many people as even not being a cm i watch scream at people bc they think putting it in their iternary for the day is creating a fp and how much they curse and scream… its like you do not have a fp move on! Its not wdw fault, its not the cm fault, the website is weird so probably not your fault, so take a deep breathe and go enjoy your vacation and let it go!

  2. Mmluv

    It seems that even if the cast member doesn’t press charges that Disney could (and should).

    1. Harley

      That or like i said above they might try to sue disney for kicking them out forgetting its their fault! Disney does kick you out! I unfortunately found out via a school trip that kids shop lifted on that jail is above main street! They take your photo & finger prints and thats that your kicked out! The girls in my class got sent back home before us and couldnt return to disney ever.

    2. Lynn

      Unfortunately the victim has to be cooperative…Disney is not the victim.

    3. Bob

      I agree. Protecting the wellbeing and safety of your employees should be first on the agenda here.

    4. Susie

      I agree with you. They had the duty to have her arrested on Disney property and have the entire group removed from the park seeing the “friends” of the woman who hit the CM was taking photos and videos of the whole thing as it was “funny”. They needed to be banned. How does WDW enforce a ban for life with hundreds of thousands of people going to the park daily?

  3. Susie

    I’m sorry but Disney should of demanded she was arrested. They should of made the cast member press chsrges. If even the tiniest bone in her face or even a muscle stare happened she would not know fo to her not going to the hospital. It’s not like the cast member would have to pay the bill thd guest who punched her would be made to pay. Heck her friends all took photos and video of her hurting the cast member. If she had the woman arrested all those phones would of been collected and taken as evidence. That would of been justice!!!

    1. Sgt Jmack

      Yes, they should ‘have’.

  4. Harley

    I have seen it as a guest and a cm i honestly do not know where they go to get arrested at dhs but i know bc of the incident i witness and commented about at mk… jail holding is above main street! They photo you and finger print you your done! Remember the only way into wdw is finger print thats how wdw keeps on top of it and if you do not think it works i seen it! Instead of the cm raising a hand bc entry doesnt work they do it but secuirty comes over asks to talk to the guest they escort them out! I saw this person get furious and loudly express that was yrs ago i am w my family now and secuirty already waved for the sheriff to come over to continue the job so they do keep control over it!
    It isnt taken lightly by disney by any means but i do agree bc the cm was injured more should have been done for her!


    it is a shame that this stupid deliberate action by so called guests not be allowed to prosecute to the full extent of the law for assault and disturbing the peace just because of a fast pass!

  6. Alli O.

    This is heartbreaking. I feel terrible for the cast member and uninvolved guests who witnessed this behavior.

    I can imagine the CM feeling embarrassed and wanting the incident to end & even being fearful of retribution if she pressed charges.

    In recent years, I’ve noticed that more guests seem to be agitated and acting out. Whether this is because of increasing costs, excessive heat/crowds, smaller ratio of CMs to guests, feelings of entitlement, or just a change in decorum that we are all seeing from twitter to traffic to Disney Parks and Resorts, it’s behavior that deserves a lifetime ban from the parks. Hopefully, a lifetime ban isn’t seen as an achievement by people who think assault is an acceptable response to an invalid FastPass. ? ?

    Sending warm hugs to the CM who endured the assault.

  7. Kathy loves Dopey

    I am afraid that if they got away with assaulting someone, and were not arrested, then they may be inclined to repeat the behavior later. Also if the cm has sustained injuries workman’s comp will have to pay. Those folk should have to pay.

  8. Veronica

    That is so sad, at Disney World. I have been there many times and have never seen an altercation. This makes a me afraid to go back.

  9. Georgia Saucier

    I see more and more people acting inappropriately in public. In restaurants or public venues. It’s like someone gave them all permission to act out and say and do whatever they want with impunity. I have to say I haven’t witnessed it at Disney in all the years I’ve been going. It distresses me that people act like this in a location where there are so many impressionable little minds. This is the Happiest Place on Earth….for goodness sake.

  10. Im curious why the offenders picture was not posted? They used this video to locate them later.

  11. John

    Let me guess. From Chicago, feels entitled. No photos of the perpetrator, whips out a video recorder. And probably claims it was racially motivated. That’s the best reason I know to act like an ass.

  12. Karen Tow

    I don’t condone violence in any way, and this should never happen.
    That said, I bought 3 day passes for D23 Expo 2019 in November, and a Gold Membership because it was advertised that Gold Members get priority seating. The Know Before You Go video talks about Gold Member Priority Seating. Today this had “online reservations” that nullified the priority seating benefit. So, now I will have to sleep overnight on concrete to potentially get into a panel. I was a total fool to pay for a worthless membership. Shame on Disney. Walt would never sign off on this.

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