Comments for Disney Cruise Line gets A- rating by environmental group, others get Fs

Disney Cruise Line rating

Credit: Disney


  1. Susan GARTNER

    Would definitely agree with the score. We took a cruise on Royal Caribbean and it was the cruise we’ve ever taken.

  2. Melanie Durham

    Wow, that’s interesting! I never knew there was a rating system for cruises! As you can tell I’ve never been on a cruise before! But Disney Cruise line will definitely be my first when the time comes!

  3. Laura

    there was a local political group last election who sent a scorecard to candidates and “graded” them in a very obviously slanted way, and if the candidate didn’t send it back, they simply got an F, which is grossly misleading. this seems to be the same idea. now, this is not to say disney cruise line doesn’t deserve all the high ratings it gets- it most certainly does and i would be hard pressed to sail another line. but people should always take these sorts of ratings wit ha grain of salt.

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