Disney now sells chocolate-covered bacon (and it’s as delicious as it sounds)

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Disney chocolate-covered bacon

Credit: @backtowdw

It’s sweet, it’s salty, and it’s possibly the best snack Disney has to offer right now: chocolate-covered bacon has arrived at Walt Disney World, and guests can’t get enough.

When we first heard that Disney was selling chocolate-covered bacon, we weren’t surprised in the slightest. Disney Parks are known for coming up with innovative snacks and beverages, and the latest concoction is no different. Now available for purchase at Kona Island, the quick-service snack and coffee bar in Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, this chocolate-covered bacon is definitely a crowd pleaser (and it sure looks mouthwatering in pictures).

The all-new candied bacon comes in three varieties, and depending on your taste preferences you may or may not be inclined to try them all on your next visit. You can purchase dark chocolate bacon, dark chocolate chili bacon, dark chocolate cinnamon pecan bacon, or all three flavors if you’re feeling adventurous. Each slice of bacon is $4.00 before tax, which is pretty standard pricing when it comes to Disney snacks, and the slices are pretty substantial in size. Also keep in mind that these are not currently eligible as snack credits on the Disney Dining Plan, so this will be an additional cost if you’re using the Dining Plan on your next vacation.

The chocolate-covered bacon is currently sold at Kona Island, located on the upper level of the lobby at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. Our advice? Pick up an iced Kona coffee and a trio of this delicious new bacon from Kona Island and take a seat so you can relax and people watch over the gorgeous lobby or see the monorail passing by outside. Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is by far one of our favorite places to stop by even when we’re not staying there, so having even more delicious snacks to try just makes this resort a must-see even more than it already is.

What Disney snacks are on your must-try list for your upcoming Walt Disney World vacation? Let us know in the comments!

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