Comments for Disney Channel’s Andi Mack features first gay teen couple on channel

Gay teen couple in "Andi Mack"

Credit: Disney


  1. Taylo Fielding

    I like the way it ended. I just wish we could keep seeing the show. Its one of my favorite shows.

  2. Marcus

    Thr show needs one more season so we can find out how Buffy and Marty work out, what happens with the whole weird thing with jonah, and definitely TJ and Cyrus.

  3. Crystal Hardy

    It was an amazing ending to a story! Andi Mack actually touched on real issues faced by teenagers. It’s way better than what Disney channel has airing. Honestly, Disney Channel will never be the same again. I’m in my twenties and I actually loved the show. It broke my heart when I found out it was cancelled.

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