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Activision and Disney

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  1. L

    (sighs) Nick….no. Just…

  2. zak

    well if this happens i guess star wars wont be with EA anymore, doubt activation would be that much better though

  3. Frostysnowman

    Stop, please. Just stop.

  4. HB

    Now I officially have heard everything in life

  5. Nachtwulf

    I feel like this is just people going ‘BUT WHAT IF GIANT COMPANY A BOUGHT GIANT COMPANY B OMFG’ and that’s about it, really. There hasn’t been any confirmation or even vague suggestion that Disney is willing to spend that kind of dough on a game company that frankly puts out a lot of content that Disney doesn’t want or care about (Diablo anyone?) Admittedly, Blizzard references Disney a lot (especially in WoW, and a couple of obvious nods in the Overwatch universe) but I think aside from the fact the companies are located near each other, there’s like… no genuine crossover. Also yeah, other game companies have the Marvel and Star Wars licenses and trying to buy them to give them to Blizzard seems like a train wreck no one is going to want.

  6. Michael

    This will never happen. It hasn’t been even 3 years ago that Disney shuttered many of their software studios. They blamed it on not making the amount of earnings they wanted. They now just stick to licensing their characters out to 3rd party developers.

  7. David Glenn

    No! It’s not me! I would be ageist the deal! I just don’t think that Blizzard and Disney is a good fit!

  8. Karl Joseph Eichholtz

    WOW! Now I really want an Overwatch tv show or a movie!

  9. Jim K

    Disney actually recouped upwards of 25 billion back in the Fox Deal selling their share of Sky to comcast and the Fox sports affiliates as well as other networks overseas to complete the deal! With this in mind your on looking at like a 13 billion dollar deal and you know Iger has one last feather to put in his cap to really round out this company before he rides off into the sunset…….he will consult for years to come after though…..

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