Comments for Daisy Ridley says upset “Star Wars” fans shouldn’t be “so vicious”

Daisy Ridley Star Wars

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  1. Harley

    This is said besides like daisy said not only is it her job but i want add gheez these people are human too! So many people forget celebs are human beings and not just there to entertain! I was yrs ago celebed by misfortune aka 15mins of fame and i can tell you i already being from nyc having friends on broadway was like omg grow a pair and grow up they are human and dont owe you and your opinions hurt…. and believe me i still find stuff about me yrs later it still hurts! Now people would tell someone to grow up but why thats rude i dont tell you how to live! Same goes for daisy she plays rey she isnt rey and she has a life and feelings etc.

  2. Jim

    The only mistake I can see is that George Lucas sold out to disney. If he had control, there wouldn’t be the mess that is “episodes 7-9”. But the mouse crew thought they could do better when they got their paws on the star wars brand. We seen how that went ?

  3. Hb

    I love the new films and am sorry that the new actors are met with vitriol.

  4. Harley

    I love mostly all the films like a fan 1-3 haunts my dreams in the wrong way and 7+ have its up and downs but they arent terrible its ones opinion. Do not like it write your own fanfiction but remember it starts w “fan” your not the director screenwriting mr. Lucas your a fan… so be a fan like it not like but that does not mean to criticize the actor hurt their feelings or hurt them for their decisions! Ie. On broadway bc adam driver was in a show they had to stop stage door bc fans couldn’t follow simple rules! And adam got scared a few times to not come out! This does not have to happen! Like i said above they are not the characters they actors and human beings!

  5. Daisy Ridley (Rey) is a great actress and I am not just saying this because Daisy has a great smile, beautiful teeth and is just downright cute. Daisy has couth! She works very hard to do the stunts that she does. Maybe all the critics should watch her workout video then, they would see that she is in no comparison to the other actresses that have played in the Star Wars series. Daisy stands alone in her role as Rey. About the vicious criticism and the to your face criticism, it is rude. I would never do that to her. If I had the pleasure to meet Daisy, I would praise her and kiss her hand! 😉 Praise not criticism! The critics should work a mile in Daisy’s shoes, do what Daisy does and see if, they would be able to do what Daisy does. I think not! No one even cares about the Golden Rule anymore!! The critics should put their money where their mouth is. Can you all do it better? I think not!!! I just hope she doesn’t go in the way that all the other actresses have gone before her in losing her couth for showing more skin. Stay modest sweetie!!! Signed: BHawkindustries Superhero 😉

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