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    Single, married, have kids, or not… lets not let this crazy person whose tweet rant that has been debunked as it was a joke (which btw i agree was sick)…. we are spreading hate with her hate vs just enjoying our time at the parks enough is enough!!! No matter where you stand you should just have fun!!! Enough!!!
    I am a single mom and its all been a humbling miracle that we are both alive let alone to enjoy our visits to wdw. Everyone other time i go to wdw someone comments and i learned to ignore the negative and spread the wdw love!! I wish it was that easy to do online!

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      Amen my friend and let me add there are some parents even as we both do honey enjoy wdw as an escape as we always had being single! Now we are putting labels on everything and like you said spewing hate vs enjoying the parks over some crazy lady whom had no patience for a pretzel!!! Okay!!! We are all seeing this right and seeing how crazy it is?!?!
      Single married kids gay straight… bibbdi bobbity boo! I was born disney raised disney just like most of you just love disney and move on!

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        I didn’t go to WDW as a kid. Love it as an adult. Im not in my second childhood, I enjoy the variety of shows, great food, fun rides, dancing, exhibits. Who are the beer and wine tasting for during the food festival the Epcot?? Crabby mommies? The Disney store at Disney Springs obviously markets to adults, so its just supposed to be parents??? Crabby mommy also dissing people who get married there? Disney is fun for all ages but not for crabby mommies.

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      If adults without children stopped going, paying, enjoying etc. ALL OF THE ORLANDO PARKS ARE DONE!! Working Class folks with kids have to save for years to do it up right and to really let the little ones enjoy the experience. Its not a once a year trip or even every 5 years for them. Most of us adult peeps go now because our parent/s couldn’t afford to bring us there. A good indication we are better off then our parents were. The fact is, ‘parents and kids only’ would not/could not financially support those Companies nor would their movie sales if adults w/o kids didn’t buy them. Finally, some people regardless of age would be just as vile, mean and nasty sitting in Church let alone an Amusement Park. To those people i shake my head and say ill pray for your soul deary.

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    Mark n.

    Disney wants our money they don’t care who gives it to them, unless its undesirable induviduals. all of the mellenials who grew up with the Renascence, or the tail end thereof in my case (im 23) will support Disney and love the company. even the people who critizise disneys recent decisions are doing so because they love the company but don’t like the direction its going in… this woman is crazy, walt wanted everybody to be able to enjoy the parks.

    of course walt is probably rolling in his grave from several recent decisions the company has made witch put SJW propaganda and $$ over quality content

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    Guido Fernandez

    Everyone has the right to go parents and non parents alike big kids and little kids everyone just wants to feel like a kid again

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    Birnbaum has been publishing variations of WDW Without Kids for decades. And as that one post mentioned, Date Night at DL was big in Walt’s era. Why are we treating this like it’s a new issue?

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    Nope McNoperson

    I go with my brother and my best friend once every decade. We go without our families. Been doing this for thirty years now. The New York Post can shuffle off.

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    Matt Brewster

    I have been visiting WDW by myself for decades. I have never felt uncomfortable or embarrassed in the slightest.

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    I am 53 years old, worked at the park for 8 month and still love to visit and have lunch there with friends, catch a live show or parade. I personally love Disneyland. Disney magic is for all ages!!

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    Am from England and a single mum o saved for a while to take my kids to WDW a few years ago. I now have a partner and I am looking forward to just the 2 of us going without kids. Disney and Universal are for everyone. And when you go to a theme park no matter where it is you queue WDW or here in England at Alton Towers. It is for fun and experiences that we go.

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    Weather wdw or not we were all kids once before single people or even as someone put it crabby mommy/parent and wdw or any park is for the kid at heart it shouldnt have labels! Though truly its the parks fault not the person! Theres always going to be height restrictions (some parks have it both directions try being a parent and have a kid be told they can not ride a kiddy ride), weight (yes some places have that), we all know health is on the list (though lots of time ignored and becomes another problem & last but not least take a look at merch! Merch is hugest culprit while yes disney has its kid friendly toys etc clothes is another my kid has been wearing adult sizes for yrs bc of it! So when you sit there and want to argue singles vs families we apparently all get singled out in the end so why not say be a kid at heart and enjoy it! Esp before it becomes too expensive and we all complain about that!

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    Me at 70, my sister at 65, and my 95 year old mother went to Disney world in March. My mother wanted to spend her 95 th birthday there as it is her favorite place. The three of us had a ball and will be taking her back for her 100th birthday.

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    I was mad at the post the lady who wants childless people to stop vising the parks wrote too. I wrote my own blog about it because it was just so very ridiculous. I have taken my kids since 2003. We go every year. They because adults in this time so should we all stop going?? Uh nope, we should enjoy the magic just like the lady who was mad because he child did not get a pretzel and had to learn patients by waiting in lines… If you want to read my blog you can follow the link here….

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    My husband and I are in our 60s, both retired and we make Disneyworld our go to spot at least twice a year. We’ve even taken the Disney cruise without children or grandchildren. I’m not sure why anyone would think that adults should not travel to Disney without children!

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    Darlene Kane

    Oh, please. I’m 68 and have loved everything Dis since I was age 3. I was 20 years old at my first visit to WDW, in 1971. Not married, no kids I honeymooned there in 1977, no kids. Had my 1st child in 1981, went to DL with her in 1982. Hundreds of visits later, still going, and we now have been childless for almost 20 years. I go alone, I go with my husband. Why is this even a subject and why has this been exploited by NY Times? Get a real job.

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    So this means by said article i shouldnt be aloud in bc i am a single but i am a single parent i am aloud in again oh great… oh wait bc my kids tech a tween/teen that means brings me back to the beginning right though my kid and i are both still kids at heart been going to wdw for yrs!!! And and my kid wants to wrk there which brings a bigger ??? To this lots of single people wrk at wdw according to the article they should be fired right!? Yea right!

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      No mark people like us hopefully are just bridging the gap on ignorance like eveeyone aganist this article and pretzel mom fake or not you can not judge someone love of wdw based on anything its rude and just being as bad as they are!
      Thats like saying we are parents so are kids are horrible etc and we are crabby! Its hot esp in the summer and i seen others crabby too do i judge NO! I just enjoy my time and hope theres get better!

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    The news article also claimed that childless couples and millennials who go to Disney probably have not been to Europe. Well, we have the time and resources to visit Europe through Adventures by Disney. And Adventures by Disney have adult exclusive trips. This “journalist ” need to do more research

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    I dont have kids and will still go I can’t w as it to take my wife who had never been.It was my moms favorplace to take us kids and her grandchildren when she was alive and I will always go remembering her

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    Rachel S.

    I’m almost 37 and planning my first trip to Disneyland for summer 2020. By myself! Single, no kids. Best way to do it, IMO.

    I like seeing all the little kids having a blast and meeting characters. But I’m glad I’m not dealing with the drama of it.

    Walt built Disneyland for the young AND the young at heart. You’re never too old to believe in the power of imagination.

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