Comments for Lexi Rabe, Tony Stark’s kid in “Avengers: Endgame,” begs fans to stop bullying her

Lexi Rabe

Credit: Marvel / Lexi Rabe / Fatherly


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    Love you 3000 lexi and you be you the world is crazy and its sad! But you got a great family N know that there are fans out there that care about you as the bright 7 yr old you are!
    This is why the internet is just a wow seriously a 7 yr old getting builled for what? How old are you?
    Shes a little girl and human being!

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    Sorry that at 7 years old she’s already learning that people suck. Leave the kid and her family alone. Seems they’re pretty decent folk, so what they didn’t have the time/energy to sign an autograph for someone, or whatever HORRIBLE AWFUL transgression they’ve seem to have made. It’s maddening that someone’s butthurt over something so trivial can cause this type of backlash. People need to pay more attention to their own behaviors and less attention to everyone else.

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