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  1. Ann

    I think that Walt would tell her that she is missing the point.

    1. Noelle

      omg I came here to say “What would Walt say?” myself. haha. Wow, what a witch this woman is. I think she’s one of those people that have waaay too much time and money on their hands and visits WDW a lot, therefore complains about the the petty stuff that a lot of people would LOVE to be able to do, but can’t. First world problems, waiting in line for a Mickey pretzel. Get me a friggin tissue.

      1. Ron

        I’m a 66 yr old single man who goes by himself all the damn time, wondering what she would say about that!

        1. Marlyn Foell

          RON your banishment paperwork is on the way!!

      2. Brenda

        We childless adults did not tell you to have kids. Sounds to me like she is jealous she is not having fun. She is lucky she has the money to pay to go there. I would love to go but can’t afford it.

        1. Ashley

          Ever think a childless adult might not have the ability to have children? I enjoy going with my family and have been respectful to all during our 20 visits there throughout the years. This is flat out offensive.

          1. chaotiklord

            I desperately wanted kids; I used to want a giant family (like farm country sized), but I doubt I’m ever getting the privilege unless I’m ever rich enough to finance adoption, which is for people with $$$. I get it-I genuinely feel a sharp abdominal and throat pain when I see other people with their kids. Sometimes it makes me feel angry or otherwise distressed, sometimes just sad. But even given all that, I’m not gonna be OFFENDED. What I am gonna do is embrace schadenfreude and delight in this woman’s clear jealousy of childless people and her clear lack of self-fulfillment since she is so desperately arguing to convince herself and others that she is happy, despite clear evidence to the contrary. And since I’m denied the chance to be a father, her angry, immature tantrum gives me a twinge of villainous joy.

        2. James

          Wow people these days

    2. Seth Traver

      Walt’s “point” would be if his pocketss are being lined he doesn’t care. Why people keep romanticizing him like he wasn’t a business man is beyond me.

      1. Pauli

        Yes, he was a businessman. I’m not denying that in the slightest. But at the end of the day, he was a dreamer and a family man who wanted people of all ages to be able to escape their lives and enjoy some childlike wonder. Then there’s his brother Roy. Roy was the money guy who had his eye on all the financials. It’s fairly public knowledge that Walt was the dreamer, Roy was the realist. So yeah, to a certain extent Walt wanted money. Who doesn’t? But at the end of the day, he also wanted people to escape. To be somewhere that people of all ages could enjoy. Together. Again yes, he was a businessman. But to an extent he was a businessman who would have to be reined in by his brother because everything he envisioned would be “bad business”. I’m not a Walt diehard, but he gets a worse rep than he deserves, I think

      2. Janet Winslow

        Walt was a business man and a family man. Disney caters to all generations. With a little patience and manners the parks can be enjoyed by all.

        1. MBA in Florida

          She certainly is in the right place, acting like a princess.

      3. Big Momma

        Damn I wish I could afford to take my 4 kids there, I have never been myself either. Sounds like so much fun!! Nothing beats a hot tired toddler or two… but seriously I don’t understand this crazy woman’s argument… that’s just how amusement parks are! It should be expected, like haven’t you even been to a carnival or the fair? It’s designed to attract EVERYBODY to make MONEY

    3. Sherry DeLano

      My kids are adults! I’m finally able to enjoy Disney.

      If it wasn’t for all those darn kids!

      1. Jackin


      2. david

        Exactly. We took the kids when they were young, now we go, childless to enjoy the parts WE want to see and do.

    4. Kids are supposed to be in school most of year. It’s illegal to take your kids out of school to go to Disney or any other vacation. During the school year it is a place for childless adults. If it was only meant for children Disney world would only be opened during the summer and on weekends but it is open all year round on purpose so all ages can go. Parents like her who think that their kids are entitled to skip the line and refuse to wait their turn should be banned. I think Disney should ban her just for writing this. This is a new level of age discrimination.

      1. JaneDeaux

        I take my kids out of school to go to Disney, and I’m also a teacher. I consider it a win-win. 🙂

      2. Mandi Goodwin

        It’s not “illegal” to take your kids during the school year. I did it every year, Kindergarten thru college, and have never been arrested. 🙂

      3. David

        It’s not “illegal” to take kids out of school for any reason. Depending on age, schoolwork may have to be made-up, but that’s it.

      4. Harley

        There are alot of us esp as fl mom i found by going off season that we are also homeschool parents and places like a dak or epcot open up a world of learning tools. I even have used mk! As a teen i past many exams from my learning do not knock till you try it!

        1. Delores

          I’m going to politely assume that English is not your first language. Impolitely? yeah, your homeschooling didnt do a very good job at teaching you how to write!!!

    5. Kat

      I think a three year old is too young to go to WDW. It’s too overwhelming for a child that age. We waited until my daughter was 5 1/2 to make the pilgrimage. By that time, she understood how to wait her turn. My read on angry mom was tired, over heated, over whelmed, suffers from ‘my child is superior to yours’ syndrome and most of all jealous. Others are having a good time while she shelled out $$$$ to deal with a cranky, overwhelmed toddler who is being pushed to the limit of his attention span and sensory perception.

      1. Stacey

        3 year olds are not too young to go to Disney. My son is almost 7 and he’s been to Disney 6 or 7 times. I lost count. I never had issues with him when he was any of those ages and I took him by myself as a single mom. I don’t agree that childless people should be banned from Disney (I went all my life before having my son) but this new thing about 3 year olds being too young for Disney is bull as well. He had the best time when we went – it was magical and I am glad we get to do it as often as we do because of my DVC membership.

      2. chaotiklord

        I have incredibly clear and vivid memories of the Disney trips we took when I was 2 and 3, and they remain my gold standard for all life experiences, as in the best days of my life include those two trips. Do I remember the whole days? No, but as much as I remember any other days; I can put together things and it is why Epcot is my favorite place on Earth. Not only do those memories still give me joy and comfort, but for years between those trips and our much later return, I would dream I was at Disney, especially trying to get on my favorite ride, the pre-refurbishment Journey into Imagination. On that note, I can still feel the weird and wonderful sensation of the real live Figment kissing my cheek, “handled” by the Imagination Captain outside of the pavilion. I remember the robot exhibits and the classroom-style seating in those smaller rooms where you would learn about them. Oh, and I came out singing “veggie fruiit fruit” from Kitchen Kabaret and I don’t know that I ever stopped. I got the Epcot park music on a cassette and I still know all the beats . . . watching the moon landing anniversary coverage last week, I had the “Golden Dreams” song in my head nonstop. I remember this was years before I’d be tall enough for some things, and so I only got to look into Space Mountain through the halls of the People Mover, but I can still see it, looking at the “planets” and watching the cars sweep through. I’m gonna stop now because if I don’t this will be a novella called “Disney When Epcot Opened through the Eyes of a 2-year-old Nerd.” I guess my point is that my essay proves Disney is both for 2-year-olds and 40-year-olds, and I’m guessing I’ll have just as much passion at 2*40 years old, when I’m 80 and Florida is partially ruled by an alligator warlord who rose to power when the water table ate half the state. On the plus side, sentient alligators might mean a clientele for the closed-down river park. See how silly I’ve gotten just from occupying those old Disney memories in my mind? Forever chasing down that ride with Figment . . .

    6. george

      I agree, what would Walt say!! I hate dumb moms who expect their 3 year old to “have fun” or perform in situations that are overwhelming and then blame other people.

  2. Emi

    My kids don’t like the pretzels. Try the Mickey head ice creams. No wait at the carts and they are great.

  3. Non

    When Karens strike again with another entitled rant. ?

    1. Jim

      This post is like a year old, and it was fake. How is this page JUST NOW writing about it?

  4. Meg

    “To all who come to this happy place: Welcome. Disneyland is your land. Here age relives fond memories of the past – and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future. Disneyland is dedicated to the ideals, the dreams, and the hard facts that have created America…with the hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration to all the world” Walt Disney

    1. Nile

      From the man himself – this is beautiful. Thanks for posting this.

  5. Harley

    Honestly walt said wdw and dl was built for families but he wouldnt turn you away wo one how rude! Though some younger crowds do get just as entitled when they had too much to drink but this is all over a mickey cart pretzel and….
    They ran out so sorry! We are not banning people bc your kid is screaming for a pretzel my kid has sp needs and i never feel my kid is that entitled its called patience and appreciate your there! I want to know who truly wanted the pretzel in the end?

    1. Cristal Daniel

      To the beloved b***h that posted this! First off you have no clue what hurt you have caused! Just because you are blessed to have a child doesn’t mean everyone can!

      1. Sarah

        This makes me mad because I can’t have children. I have been trying for almost a decade now. I love Disney and going to Disney World helps me forget the pain of being childless.

    2. Sarah

      Haha she was mighty hanggggry! 😀

  6. Les West

    As a former cast member, I had more fun with the single adults over the people with kids, I say let the adults stay!

  7. Karen

    I think Disney World is for all ages. My only concern is newborns in the park. I always fear for their health. As a former Disney World employee they get lots of foreign visitors from countries that don’t have the same immunization as we do. They also don’t have the same sanitary issues we have. If you are traveling with a infant try and bring a babysitter with you. A infant will not remember this trip. It is hot and humid out and they may be uncomfortable.

  8. Kevin Jones

    My wife and I went for our Honeymoon. We are from NC. The next big trip after that was my Mom’s final trip before she succumbed to cancer. 16 years later we took our three kids and my in laws. My mother inlaw hadn’t been since the day before Epcot opened. The next year we just went by ourselves and left our kids at home, as we were celebrating our 20th Anniversary and wanted to do a no kids trip. We went again last year over Spring Break and met up with my son’s girlfriend who had moved to Florida, and during the afternoon, my wife and our two daughters went back to hang at the Poly and left our son and his girlfriend to have fun at the park. The point of this being that I have been to Disney several different ways, as a couple, and with different combinations of family. TRUST ME. Disney is for people with Disney spirit, and I don’t mean any harm, but NO ONE takes away from Disney spirit more than an ill- behaved, entitled kid having a temper tantrum or a lunatic mom or dad who has lost their patience. Trust me, when you get hit in the heels with a stroller by a mom who is just about to lose it, it is hard to hold it together. But you know what? Couples who are at MK without kids actually have an easier time avoiding the stroller attacks and they rarely have meltdowns. In fact, most of us who at times go without our kids are the most polite and most likely not to be seen, heard, or get in your way. We move faster and can get around the mom who stops in the middle of the walkway because Junior dropped his binky. My son unfortunately found how much fun it is to go through the park without the family in tow, so now we cannot invite his girlfriend to hang with us the whole trip to Orlando, because we figure we should be able to enjoy at least some of Disney with him.

    1. Adri

      Ohhh … “MK” as in, “Magic Kingdom” lol
      When I first read this, I thought, “Mortal Kombat?? FINISH THEM!!!”

      1. Holly

        Lol ?

  9. Michelle

    Mr Walt Disney created that wonderful place for EVERYONE to enjoy not just people with kids. There are other carts/ places that sell the pretzels and other snacks. It’s really not that deep. And yes I have a daughter, she’s 20 now but we’ve been taking her to Disney since she was 1. Sounds like she needed to stop by one of the bars and have a drink! Enjoy life lady, it’s too short.

  10. Harley

    As a past cm myself i use to people watch with a few others and we had to wait to get into breakrooms to laugh at these sad situations.
    And before someone comments negatively people watching and eyes wide open was how you did your job as a cm bc you could be first to assist if needed etc.
    Btw on a personal one for me as a single parent i wonder where this lady put me? I would be scared to find out!

  11. Joseph

    Disney is for all ages weather married or not she’s just made cause she can’t get her way if Walt was alive he would ban here all are welcomed to Disney weather you have kids or not so that mom needs to keep here trap shut you can’t ban people from Walt Disney world

  12. Sheryl

    Considering that her 3yr old won’t remember?I know bc I took my children when they were 5 and younger lol they don’t remember ?had to go as adults so they could enjoy it.

    1. Kathy

      Disney World is for people of all ages. I truly enjoy watching everyone having a great time. It brings out the kid in me. A lot of the rides are there for millenials and those older. Epcot is my favorite park and is
      geared for those who enjoy different types of of food, beer and wine. Cheers to us adults who like to have fun.??❤

  13. Damn

    Guess who is not getting laid

    1. Kelly Kizzort

      Well, unfortunately, she got laid once…

  14. Terri

    Wow that lady is insane she needs counseling!!!

  15. Craig E Mook

    I think they should re-open Pleasure Island!!!

    1. Harley

      Hopefully your not joking bc many of us miss PI! Actually drunk adults closed that place not the kids like disney thought i always had fun as a kid and adult i just appreciated as i got older.

  16. Benjamin Nichols

    I bet she asks to speak to the manager a lot. Entitled much?

    1. Rena

      I have three children and because we live in Orlando, we visit Disney and the other theme parks quite frequently. I also go without my children and enjoy myself either way. When I take them, I get to witness their happiness but also deal with complaints, tiredness and general things kids do when out in the sun all day. When I go with adults, I am able to experience everything from my perspective and just enjoy the moment without all the hoopla that comes with taking kids.

      The only person she should blame is herself. She chose not to wait in line for the pretzel. She chose to keep her obviously tired child at the park. She’s just upset because she was having a bad day and needed someone to blame. She’s disgruntled because she’s unhappy with her decision to procreate while they chose the opposite. She obviously needs to go to one of the many places that serve alcohol and have a few to calm her nerves.

  17. Holly Roberts

    She sounds like a grown up spoiled brat with kids of her own.

  18. Nina

    Some people shouldn’t have children. Or be allowed out in public. What. A horrible piece of garbage she is. Someone should take her children away and wash their ears out.

  19. Connie Waller

    There is no doubt she’s a trump supporter.

    1. Bailey

      Sigh. There’s always that one.

    2. Cal King

      You can’t be serious??? She couldn’t be screaming “I’m an entitled snowflake!” any louder!

  20. Mom

    My honeymoon was at DW! Had soooooo much fun. Have been back to DW and DL with and without kiddie. Amusement parks are for everyone!!

    1. Sarah

      WHO IS TO SAY THE GIRL IN FRONT OF HER WAS NOT A MOM HERSELF AND IN LINE FOR HER OWN CRYING 3 YEAR OLD?! I’m glad SHE had the patience to wait in a line and show her kid the better example of a mature mother!

      Btw- my spouse and I have SIX kids, BUT WEEEE are the only ones with Disney annual passes, because that’s where we choose to get away!

  21. Rodney Simonson

    The very worst Disney patrons are parents and grandparents with strollers, toddlers and infants. The kids will retain no happy memories. They will remember how tired they were and how upset their adults got. Beyond that, they will likely ruin part of the day for dozens of other guests, between the noise, the traffic tie-ups and their adult behavior toward the poor kids.

  22. Sandy

    First of all I was not blessed with children. I lost my husband 22 years ago and I have gone to Disney World every other year since 2009. I save up my money for my trip and I enjoy Disney World every time. It is a vacation for everyone to enjoy does not matter what age or with or without children. We all must remember that there will be long lines for everything in the parks. We cannot be thinking only of ourselves. People from other countries come to be at Disney World. Walt Disney himself built Disneyland for his daughters and his family to go to. Let’s all have fun together as it should be. Love thy neighbor as we would want to be loved. There is enough HATE in this world. God Bless All of us.❤️

    1. Krista

      You are an amazing person and God bless you too. ♥️❤️♥️❤️

  23. jep

    Leave it to a selfish breeder to believe any one gives a sh.. about their stupid snowflakes.

  24. Sherry A Sapp

    Women who express themselves like she did aren’t emotionally mature enough to be parents. She shouldn’t go unless her own parents are with her to supervise her filthy mouth and childish behavior. I go without my grandchildren sometimes, but I know how to behave in public. It’s sad she doesn’t.

  25. Meg

    I’m sorry my infertility is such a threat to this woman.

  26. Kim

    Screw her. Wait in line like everyone else. Just because you are with your kids does not entitle you to anything.

  27. Paul Berard

    We pay for the right to be there

  28. Marie

    Little 3 yr old children, suffer a lot in the parks, because of the weather and plenty of things to do,it is overwhelming for both parents and children.
    Disney is all about lines and banning adults won’t change that fact.
    Small children are not allowed in some rides,
    and let get real most of those childless adult are the ones that can pay the park prices.
    A suggestion would be to have a lounge for stressed parents that offer complementary little hand size treats only for the children’s (parents can make the line)

  29. I think CPS needs to check out this mother. Parenting is not easy, and one of the hardest things to teach young ones is self control and manners. How can this Mom teach it to her child if she doesnt even possess these skills herself?
    But, that being said, DW is for ALL who enjoy it.

  30. Kelly Kizzort

    I’m pretty sure just spreading your legs (and a ridiculous demand) does not move you bv yhe the front of the line. Dont make me responsible for your bad decisions!

  31. Pamela

    I’m sure she will be filing a lawsuit against Disney World because it’s Disney fault she had to chase her 3 year old around the park and then couldn’t stand in line for a pretzel. LOL


    This woman is a crazy crack pot. She should be banned from being in public. Keep her locked up in her home and away from any and ALL children.

  33. Patrick

    I think Walt Disney World is place for kids of all ages and it appears Disney would agree. On my last trip to 1900 Park Fare Breakfast, the Mad Hatter referred to my mimosa-drinking group as a bunch of big kids drinking big kid tea. He made us all feel like children again. This is exactly why adults love Disney World, it keeps us young at heart.

    1. Dombrowski



      She is just jealous.there are MANY happily married couples who have no children and never will and are extremely happy.married 25 years and never regretted my decision.

  34. Marissa

    meanwhile the other 50 people in the line had kids so even if the parents of kids got to skip the line she would still have to wait .If dragging her toddler around the park is too much wait a few years unit he is older then maybe it will less hard having to chase him around .Maybe if people would learn their kids limits and take them back to the hotel for a nap and return to the parks later in the day instead of dragging their exchasted toddler around for hours in the heat he won’t be screaming his head off at the end of the day .And if your kid is too old to use a stroller in their everyday life they don’t need one in the park too many stollers in the parks make it hard to walk around you’re kid doesn’t need to being napping in a stroller in over 100 degree real feel heat take them back to the hotel turn up the a/c and let them relax and take a nap up out of the heat .That’s my only grip you don’t need to drag you’re stroller so you’re 10 year old who can barely fit inside it can have nap in over crowed park full of people so the adults don’t have to leave the parks to go deal with the kid then by 11 when the parks close even the 10 year is screaming Learn you’re kids limits if one of the adults has to leave the park to deal with the kid sorry but that’s called parenthood .

  35. Tom

    There is, of course, a better middle ground to take. Valid points from both ‘sides’ of the issue… though clearly, this mother went way of the deep end. Nothing wrong with going to the parks without children… but I do wish they would take away the alcohol. It was fine in world showcase as it could fit in with the different cultures. But, alcohol really has no place anywhere else at Disney World, in my opinion.

  36. George

    Waaa, waaa, waaa. I also don’t want to pay taxes to support this brood mare. Neither her or my desire will be met.

  37. Melissa

    We just went to dw during spring break this year. We were a total of 16!! My parents, siblings my nieces, my boys and myself!!Ages late 60’s to 3 yrs old. We all waited in lines for rides,snacks, drinks, etc… This witch has no business there if she’s going to be complaining and not have fun or patience!! DW is for everyone of all ages!! What an annoying idiot!! People like you are pathetic!!

  38. Mark

    If you go to DW on your own and are between the ages of 19-65 and without children, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Took my daughters to DW and feel like lines to the typical kiddie type rides (ie it’s a small world, Peter pan, frozen, etc) were especially long because of young childless millennials “reliving their childhoods.” Stick to the more “grown-up” rides or better yet, Try taking a more adultlike vacation and leave the kiddie rides to the actual children.

    1. LL

      Seriously? Ashamed? I’ll relive my childhood and create new memories anywhere I please and can afford to do so.

    2. Catherine Kane

      what the heck is wrong with you Mark?

      Disney is cool. Disney is for all ages. Disney has lines

      If you can’t handle that, it sounds like you are the one who should be looking for a different vacation spot

    3. Harley

      While it looks odd i give ya that when adults are here on their own or esp dressed up and coming to date night to something like mk or dak its alittle much but that doesnt mean that we all can not have a good time at the parks! Saying i shouldnt go in unless my kids attach to me is crazy! Sometimes parents deserve a break as much as every other adult does!

    4. Jared

      I paid to be there, I think I’ll do whatever I want. How’s that sound to you Mark.

    5. Jo

      Are you serious? Get over yourself! I’m not ashamed one single bit. What I am ashamed are the people who think they are better than anyone else. I pay my money. I am a guest just like you! I will ride Peter Pan! dumbo! And any other ride I feel like. I don’t ride roller coasters but love the Disney Magic! I sometimes dress up and I don’t care what people think!

    6. Cookie

      You’re freaking joking, right? I go to DL every year for my birthday, WITHOUT my kids, (though they’re adults now). I’m lucky enough to catch the end of the holiday decorations, and the Nightmare Before Christmas event. My ADULT Children… who do NOT have children themselves, go every time they can afford it. Who are YOU to say who can and can not go to any of the Disney Properties? You sound like you’re a real fun guy to hang out with… no wait, you sound like an A-hole. So, this 58 yr old woman and her 60 yr old husband will STILL go to DL every year, perhaps multiple times a year… and be thankful that you’re not at the park. Sheesh, lighten up already dude.

    7. Jasmine

      You know, at first I thought you were being sarcastic but hey, if I spend good money at any Disney Park, you better believe I’m gonna do every damn thing there (unless it’s like a kiddie ride with one of those height limitations). Also, people without kids going isn’t the reason lines are long. The parks being fun and attracting tourists and other people with money to go is why the lines are long. Obviously.

  39. Mary Ann

    By the way Mommy Walt Disney wanted everyone to enjoy His wonderful parks. I am a senior citizen, over 65, and I too enjoy going to Disney with my husband. Should I be banned too. After reading your ranting against childless couples I truly feel sorry for your 3 year old. You are not equipped to be a mom.

    1. Harley

      Sadly i just read somewhere this was fake to get a rise out of people she didnt mean anything by it now shes getting threats etc and wants it stop… honestly that makes it 100k times worse!! Maybe you should keep off the internet and not think oh this will be fun and this makes this mommy just…. there arent any “disney” friendly words for this site and i wont stoop to her level but honestly!!!

      1. Marlyn Foell

        RON your banishment paperwork is on the way!!

  40. Pamela Hough

    I think strollers should be banned. A mother with a stroller smashed into me and destroyed my ankle. I still have issues and that was ten years ago.

  41. verna flood panaccio

    I have come to WDW as a single 20 something, as a newlywed, as a parent with my kids, and most recently, as a retired single person! This woman seems to be more involved with herself than with ANYONE else in the parks. It really does not sound like she gives a damn about her kids but she does have her own agenda and her own feelings to deal with! I have more problems with the parents who allow their kids to run around, unsupervised and undisciplined…

  42. Shara

    I wonder what this idiot would say if she knew that last time I went to disney world, me and my now ex husband left our 2 yr old at home with her grandparents ? or that me and my bf go to DL without my 7 yr old often. She would probably have a stroke lol

  43. Why do idiots take a toddler to Disneyworld? It really is a form of abuse. For the first hour it is smiles and laughter, then it gets hot and they get cranky. Then the parents get frustrated and start snapping at the kids which makes the kid cry more. It is utter madness that everyone else has to suffer because SHE wanted to go to Disneyworld, not the kid. This woman is crazy.
    I think a better solution would be for Disney offer a week or two out of the year where children were not allowed. Of course this would make the self entitled mommy brigade throw a fit. Wake up mommies… You are not special because you squeezed out a kid. You get no special privilege for you, or your brat.

  44. Barbara Hopkins

    As A childless Adult, I’ve taken my nephew, groups of Girl Scouts and also gone on my own because my parents wouldn’t take me as a child. I don’t think any child under 6 should attend Disneyland or Disneyworld. They can’t stand the lines, walking or all the stimulation. Plus they can’t ride all of the rides.

  45. Carol Orler

    I am 73 years young. I started going to Disneyworld when it first opened. Over the years I took my children there. It’s always been magical. Now every year my daughter(52) takes me for her birthday. We enjoy it so much! I’ve taken grandkids. But my great grandkids are to young yet. I found early on to wait until they’re at least 3 yrs old. I have also gone with friends throughout the years. No kids ,no husbands allowed… Soooo much fun! I wish everyone had the chance to go to Disneyworld, /land. It’s my happy place!

  46. Murf


  47. Sandie Haley

    This woman is insane! Her poor kid.

  48. MICKEY and Minnie

    Do my adult millennial children count if they bring me along? I get the whole tantrum awaiting in a long line. 29, 26 and 23 and they get pissy too lol, but entitled, nope. We are a Disney family. In fact my daughter got engaged at Disney Paris, is spending her bachelorette party and Disneyland, CA ,and her honeymoon at Disney Japan. Crazy lady needs to set a good example and learn to deal with the crowds and the lines.

  49. DMJ

    I’m only angry when adults use profanity in public while I have my children in their presence! Recently I had to ask a “gentleman” (term used loosely) to please refrain from cursing. He quickly responded rudely and then proceeded to speak in Spanish basically cursing me out to his family. Pssst… I speak Spanish too! Oh, and he had his children with him! Also saw a happily newly married couple who were as sweet as can be! So, you be the judge! Who should be banned!?!

  50. Greg

    What about individuals who haven’t had a real vacation in years, or haven’t been to a Disney vacation for Decades, like since their own parents took them? Should they not have at least 1 more vacation in their lifetime that they can remember? *sigh*

  51. Steven

    I’m 67 years old. I enjoy Disney just as much, if not more than a three year old. And I spent my time dragging children and old people around all over.
    The world ” I remind everyone” is full of young, old, up,down, black, white, short, tall, kids, no kids and yes they are all at some time or another be in front of you. So Lighten up.

  52. Brittany

    So .. you’re a moron?

  53. Jim

    Why do I feel that the woman that wrote this was the person that recently got band for life for punching a cast member.

    1. Dombrowski

      Ooo, maybe….. Now I’m curious. Lol

  54. Judy Golden

    This disgruntled, self-focused mom seems like she is the one who feels entitled, wanting to skip lines, not have to wait her turn, no patience, respect or consideration of others…that is great she is raising children.
    Maybe her highness and her family should not go to places that are more suited for adults? Disney is for all ages it is not strictly for children!

  55. Brian

    She is seriously failing to teach this child the lessons of waiting and sharing. Way to go Mom.

  56. Dombrowski

    Sounds like the woman had, 1) severe jealousy issues.2) terrible unbehaved children. A reflection of her parenting skills from birth to that point.. 3) Entitlement syndrome.
    Alcohol is not what makes WDW for Adults too. It’s the entire point of the place that when ANYONE walks through the gate you feel like your 4 yrs old again. I think she really needs a Doctor and some medications. Sad…

  57. Something to point out, she makes no mention of a husband helping her with the three yr old. A case could be made then that she herself is not a complete “family unit” and therefore should not be allowed to join in Disney fun. PS My husband and I are one of those childless couples even though I feel my husband becomes one as soon as we pass under the train at Magic Kingdom

  58. Liz

    I took a vacation to Disney with a (childless, millennial, same as me) friend in January 2018. Guess I can no longer go, since we are both unmarried/childless women …

    *rolls eyes*

  59. Isaac

    Well, angry Millennials think children under 10 should be banned from Disney parks. That sounds equally as petty.

    If your kid can’t walk all day, then they shouldn’t be there. It’s a sea of strollers, and it’s millenials you’re mad at??

    And if your kid is a baby, whey the hell are they there. they won’t remember anything anyways until they’re older in the first place.

    I’ve been to Disney parks hundreds of times since I was a child, and will go several hundred more times. I like having a expendable income so I’m not interested in children. I’d rather be able to go to a Disney park for fun out of the blue, and not be tied down.

    Plus this angry mom rant is OLD. I remember seeing this years ago, and people saying the same crap.

    You know who Disney is for????

    Those that can afford it. take that babies.

  60. David Mevis

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news folks, but, Disney is about done . . . They had a great run, but the days of “amusement parks” are about over. They will go the way of telegrams, radio, TV, etc. Everything dies. Sorry to break the news about reality to y’all.

  61. Gina

    I am 40 and go to Disney with my 72 yr old Mom, does that count? This woman needs a time out. Disney is for ALL ages. Having a kid does not entitle you to anything. Get real!

  62. Scarlet

    I’m a mother of two, now but as a Fl resident I’ve been enjoying Disney my whole life, with kids and without. This woman is pretty much clueless and makes no damm sense. She sounds like a horrid human being and feel bad for her kids.

  63. We are all kids at Disney. Unless its EPCOT Hahhaha. Then I am drinking my way through the world.

    1. Harley

      Amen to that though even kids could get into that now your drink kids eat and chase remy everyone happy!

  64. Seriously?? She needs to just back tf up! I’ll take my happily Child free self any freakin’-where I wanna go…including anything DISNEY. Frankly, I wish there were less kids in this increasingly overpopulated world…shorter lines at Disney(Yay!):)

  65. Kyle

    This is yet another example of how someone is trying to play a victim role. My wife and I have don’t have kids, and honestly can’t have them, but we’ve been to Disney World countless times, and guess what? We will continue to go.

  66. Teesha

    I just came from DW, a month ago!! I understand her frustration!! We stayed the entire day and was only able to ride 4 rides due to the extremely long lines, we had children ranging in age from 8 months to 16 yrs of age!!! I thought it was a total RIP off and the prices should be lowered!!! I enjoyed SeaWorld much better, shorter rides, better food, and less rude people!! I also enjoyed Kings Dominion in Richmond, Va over DW, DW is not the same anymore compared to when I went 6yrs ago and even 20 yrs ago, the atmosphere was different, the staff/ employees were less engaged with guests, I didn’t see not one Disney princess walking around, and the guests in the park were very rude and unfriendly!!

  67. Georgia Saucier

    I think more than anything else, I feel so sorry for her children. To be taught by example that that attitude, language, and expectation is acceptable is truly the saddest thing. I get being tired and cranky (been there done that)….I pray someone with a better attitude, manners, and vocabulary have influence in her children’s lives.

    1. Mark

      As someone mentioned multiple times this was fake! Meant to get people angry! Was it right NO! But why stoop to her level and let her win there are some nasty comments against each other here and i just wanted to comment on how sad all THIS IS! Congrats she won! Hope your happy! Welcome to the happiest place on earth! No wonder people can not take a joke N the world attacks each other!

  68. This childless Gen-Xer thinks angry moms should stay off the internet.

  69. Nora

    I’m a 69-year-old who goes solo to WDW all the time. I never had children and have been going since I was 24. It’s been my safe place in times of trouble, so I really resent that anyone would think Disney World is for families with children ONLY. I’ll be there again, on my own, on Thanksgiving week.

  70. David

    I will immediately discount any post with lots of CAPS and exclamation points!!!! This sort of post is frankly maniacal and not a civil conversation. Following her line of thinking, should childless adults be banned from animated films, city parks or from Chuck E. Cheese?

  71. Scott

    If you think childless couples should be at Disney…you should check out “3 Sheets to the Mouse” podcast…it’s a drinking podcast with a Disney problem.

  72. Amy Stoudt

    Go to Hershey Park or Dorney Park or Knoebel’s Grove you see allot of childless couples who would go there to enjoy those amusement parks are made for everyone , Something wrong with her,. Not to long ago some of those restaurants want to banned children under age 13

  73. BeepRichie

    This was actually a fake post meant to fan some flames and get people to feel outraged and argumentative, and it looks like it worked out pretty well, so good on ya, I guess? Doesn’t anybody fact-check anymore?

  74. Tia

    Just another entitled parent, thinks the world owes them everything because they chose to have a screaming meat bag to haul around. No one forced you to ruin your life. Loving all my freedom, money, and happiness… Jealous and envious much 🙂

  75. Jo

    So, if only people with children can go to Disney and mothers should be able to skip the line what she would the cutoff be? 3? 4? 5? Will we ask for proof of age? So could grandparents count? Can dad’s cut the line too? Do we stop the tour groups that come in? What about school groups? Should we close the park except for the mom’s who have no control or no patience for their children. One thing Disney teaches is patience. Clearly not everyone has it. My hubby and I (we have three adult kids and a grandchild) go to Disney alone sometimes, with our grandchild sometimes, and with our children sometimes. But I’m always a mom when I go! Nothing will change that. That post aggravated the stew out of me. Can you tell!

  76. Geoff Kurtz

    My wife is from there and we have been going for 20 years(Since College) to the food and Wine & Flower and Gardens Festivals. Now we have kids (3 and 7) and still go twice a year and visit her family too. WDW and ALL Disney properties are places for EVERYONE!! No one is excluded, we go with our extended families and friends. In all that time plus my wife’s growing up down there, I have never seen or heard of someone acting like that or being that rude to other guests. I think this is showing more of an
    “entitled view ” but reality is We all have kids, families or significant others, AND we all have to wait in the same lines to get what we want. This behavior is teaching her kids the wrong lesson.

  77. Sarah

    I don’t know why this tirade is even seriously trending, other than for pure comedy. Angry mom’s personality disorder and pathological need for special recognition as a procreator is comical. Everyone knows Disney is for EVERYONE, even if they wear short shorts and eat pretzels.

  78. Don

    I wasn’t aware that some parents with children had issues with child free adults enjoying Disney? Maybe it’s our carefree, unstressed, happy demeanor’s?

  79. Todd

    Having been to Disney World multiple times, I’ve seen plenty of obnoxious families there. I don’t see taking a 3 year old being enjoyable for the parent or child either. And I can’t think of a ride that a 3 year old could go on that would have a 3 hour line. Some people just need to complain about something.

  80. Wow! That was the best the best rant I have read in some time. I have never wanted to visit DW before but now as an unapologetic childless 33 year old woman I think I will go just for the pretzels. Entitlement for a breeder much?

    1. Wandalene

      Drawing from Angry Mom’s comments, I’d say her child is too young and she is too wound up in what she wants for either if them to enjoy the parks. Try again in several years.

      1. connie

        I tell everyone to never take a toddler to DW. they should be school age. She just proves my point, toddlers screaming and parents acting like a toddler. Seen and heard it many times.

        1. chaotiklord

          I remember my own toddler trips to Disneyland quite fondly. But that was many, many years ago; it’s possible that Disney has become far more crowded and less compatible with little kids. The early 80s were before they reenvisioned everything.

          1. Al

            Research indicates that most people (and by most I mean the overwhelming majority) have very little IF ANY memories at all from their childhood when then they’re that young. Research also indicates that memory can be quite tricky. For instance it’s very much possible (likely in fact) that those “fond memories” you have are from visits to DW when you were a little older perhaps, but in your mind you’re just associating them as joyful moments from when you were truly an “innocent.” Do you remember anything else from when you were 2 or 3?

  81. elizabeth frantes

    I believe Walt said that Disneyland was for children of all ages. I have no idea why parents drag small children who won’t even remember the trip and pay so much money to be so miserable! Sounds like Mommy is rethinking her life decisions, and rather than admit she’s jealous, has to attack like a grizzly bear with a stick up the rump.

  82. Shelley Regan

    This women is full of crap. Disney parks are for people of all ages, regarless of wheather they have children or not. No one should be banned due to wheather they have children or not in order to be allowed to visit any Disney park. The woman in the shorts did not make the woman’s child cry. The mother made him cry because she told him no the line was to long, and told him later about the pretzel. If she hates people who are childless, that is her right and her opinion, but that is her problem. Not a reason to ban others just because she hates this. As far as people standing in line with children regardless of their age. People do this everyday for rides. What makes you think that you are so special and entitled to skip the lines just because you have a child that is currently 3 years old. Grow up and get real lady. Start living in the real world.

  83. Peter

    I’m OK with this, if we ban millennials with children from every other venue. Let them have Disneyland.

  84. Betsy Voss

    My husband and I are going in January with our two daughters (who are leaving THEIR children at home). Hoping this woman doesn’t mind if we cut in line. We WILL be with our children (ages 29 & 33)

  85. Larissa

    How about this. If parents stop bringing their screaming, crying hordes to pg13, r rated or late night movies along with any other obviously for adults events, ruining our enjoyment, well stay away from Disney.

    1. Danielle

      Truth. I went to see the new avengers movie at 11 pm in 3d opening night. I got their an hr early only to have 5 kids screaming behind me and my patnet

  86. It’s fair fo everyone to have fun and enjoy a weeks vacation or more for what it’s worth. There’s so much to do.
    Yes not everyone acts there age but Disney is about fun and makes u feel like a kid again with dreams come true. One angry person against thousands of fans that love Disney. They’re not gonna change anything when they’re making good amounts of money

  87. Johnny Noodlelegs

    Boy she sure makes child-rearing sound like a barrel of fun

  88. Kate

    I have been to Disney many times and I have no kids! I think it’s a waste to go with young kids because I went on vacation with my parents when I was 3 & 4 and I don’t remember any of it my friends don’t remember anything from that age either. To me, adults who go Disneybounding ( I’m sure she doesn’t even know what that is) are the real fans and should be allowed preferential treatment.

  89. Jaquelyn

    You know this whole time she was going off about mothers this and mothers that. Whatever the fathers that work 40 plus hours to pay for you to stay home or go to Disney lady. Just because I want to make this lady ever more mad, I’m going to go in August and eat a pretzel and enjoy my childless trip!

  90. Svetlana

    I cannot stand Disney World, but now I want to go! Oh, and BTW – some of us childfree women are not millennials, although I still look young enough to regularly get asked what college I’m attending or when I’m going to start a family. So this Boomer/Gen Ex Cusper is also going to ruin her trip to her child’s spring break, too!

  91. Harley

    I am a single mom whom says all are welcomed esp that comment lmao you made my day! Can i buy you a drink ? Kidding aside actually i think we all need one considering this is a fake post yet we are still commenting!

  92. Debbeline

    Walt Disney’s Disneyland dedication speech:

    “To all who come to this happy place; welcome. Disneyland is your land. Here age relives fond memories of the past…and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future. Disneyland is dedicated to the ideals, the dreams and the hard facts that have created America…with the hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration to all the world.”

  93. Lea

    I am sure that th angry woman(mother) of the Toddler who wrote the Orginal Rant will probably not even read this, But Crazy Lady did you stop to think that maybe, just maybe some of the childless adults that do come to Disneyland or Disney World May be having difficulty or may not be able to have children of their own. So Lady please think before you post such hurtful things. Oh and it is not me I am speaking for all of the couples out there who are aching for children to take to Disney.

    1. Adri

      Depending on where you live, truancy most certainly IS illegal! Many parents have been charged criminally for their children’s absences from school!! Here is just one example – … it was the first hit on Google – from a very long list of offenders who have been charged with crimes relating to truancy!

  94. amom

    My children’s school actually encourage families to take trips during the school year and even give you forms to fill out so you can pull your child out of school given there is an educational aspect to them. It is not illegal to take your children during the school year on a trip.

  95. Beth

    Her, I find that interesting. I firmly believe children under 5 should not be allowed in. Crying, carriges, and overall confusion spoil the trip for parents, older siblings, and complete strangers!!!!

  96. Travis

    “To ALL who come to this happy place…”

  97. Heather

    I can’t have kids. And my husband and I are going to wdw in Sept. I think people have to look at the big picture when making statements about childless couples.

  98. Danielle

    If me and my partner have to sit next to bratty children at disney and be blamed that the child is acting up then maybe we should get a free pretzel

  99. Denys Picard

    This just goes to prove that women and Walt Disney’s LBGTQ culture are incompetent at problem solving…and now, WD owns FoxNews…what a disaster of a dying civilization!

  100. Lori

    When my children we took them every year they go with their own families. However I continue to go to Disney a couple of times a year. This women was insane and should have waited to get her son a pretzel if that is what he wanted. That’s what I did when my children were little. And I like how she things that people with children shouldn’t have to wait on lines . I don’t think she realized how busy and crowded Disney is. As far as her calling that girl names is sick for all she know maybe she had kids with her.

  101. Sundance

    Remember, these kinds of hateful, self-pitying, foolish, ignorant, creepy, looney statements can still be expected, if we remember that we live in a world where some people eat their own poop.

  102. Jillian

    Two things…1) The term is “child-free” not “childless.” People who do not have children by choice do not consider themselves missing or lacking anything. And 2) Pretty sure that rant is a fake tweet/post.

  103. Kevin

    So I’m planning my third adult trip with my dad. I’m that dreaded childless millennial. According to this woman, I wouldn’t have been able to visit in my first trip, let alone my upcoming one. Millennials are the ones that have breathed new life into Disney.

    They’ve overtaken the market, and the shift with the extra Disney offers as well as the kind of food the serve (not to mention the alcohol) tells you that Disney is not just for kids. As someone who enjoys thrill rides, I love Disney in the variety of attractions it offers despite being more of a roller coaster junkie. I like that Disney is branching out away from the standard chicken and burgers. The parks and resorts have great opportunity to try new foods, many of which aren’t for the limited palate of a child’s (though I like hot dogs & mac and cheese as much as the next person too). I can get a good combination of unique flavors and being a kid again by going to Tusker House for a character meal. I can enjoy a host of various specialized drinks and snacks during one of EPCOT’s many festivals. I can admire the various Imagineering that goes into the design and theming of rides, resorts, and restaurants. There is so much about Disney that adults can enjoy. Whether you’re a kid, a kid at heart, or an adult looking to add a little extra magic to their vacation, there is something for everyone.

  104. Sharon

    This woman is crazy. If she has this attitude just think of what her child is going to be like from being raised by a woman like this. I feel sorry for her kid. Brats raise even bigger brats. SHE is what’s wrong with our world today!

  105. Melanie A wilson

    It should be for everybody, I went to Walt Disney world on my honeymoon and after I had my son and he was old enough I took him there and I take him there all the time. My son is a special needs child even though he older now he has a mind of a 2 to 4 year old and loves Disney World. It should be for everyone and not just her( the one who is complaining).

  106. Catherine

    First of all Walt Disney World is for all people of all ages. we are all children at heart. Besides no one told this woman to bring her toddler to Walt Disney World. Being a single woman who chose not to have children. I think it’s a wonderful place to be. I go with my family. My siblings that have children. Just because she has a child doesn’t make you special. She thinks she’s in an entitled parents was her angel. But she has certain rights. First of all lady. You need to shut up grow up get a life it’s seriously get some help.

  107. NDK

    I just left WDW, after a glorious week with my 15-year-old (the youngest of my 5 children). I did not see anything unexpected as far as taking children to an internationally famous tourist attraction. Cultural differences in behavior, language, or understanding? Yep! Cranky people with and without kids? Yep! Lines? Yep! Thunderstorms? Heat? Humidity? Yep, yep, yep! Kids get cranky, and long lines always make people miserable, whether or not they’ve developed the cognitive skills to remember the reward for patience. Did this mom take time for both her and her child to rest? Did she heed the warnings of cast members and help the child be quiet during instructions, if only to practice? Did she change the poopy diaper before getting on the bus? Did she stop her child swinging on the rails and kicking others? When the child was crying, did she calm him/her down by explaining that it wasn’t their turn, or increase the tears by adding her screams? In the 6:00 Philharmonic show, the cast member took a balloon from a little girl, who was less than 2, and said she could have it back after the 15 minute presentation. She cried. All of the adults, with and without kids, chuckled in a compassionate and commiserating way, and the young parents immediately distracted the child by pointing at the stage. Crying and tears instantly stopped. Child enjoyed the show. Balloon was returned (and is deflated, popped, or gone by now). Donald’s rear end is still sticking out of the wall, though. I wear a brace for an ankle injury and often iced it on the busses or longer rides. There were times when I stood up so a mother with a young child in arms could have a seat, while young parents allowed their tweens with enough energy to wrestle and shove others out of the way at the next stop to stay seated, and, Ms Millennial, I would not accept a seat if an older person were standing. Nobody in the generation you accuse of being rude would have dared sit while any adult, injured or otherwise, stood. I moved so kids had a better view. The night before I left I gave my granola bars, fruit snacks, and goldfish to some young families (making sure only the parents heard the offer to prevent tears should they choose to decline) hopefully giving the parents a few more tear free minutes in the Mickey-head pretzel line. The point? I aided young parents much more than any other young parent could, because my children are older and I respect the struggle. I do not respect tantrums from anyone, ever, especially someone trying to tell me I am somehow less important than they are. If you want a polite environment you must be polite, to other guests and to cast members. If you didn’t pick up trash, wipe down tables, say please, thank you, and excuse me, someone needs to send you to time out without a Mickey head pretzel. BTW, using that HORRIFIC word to describe yourself does not invite respect. Please, learn how and why to use appropriate language to describe yourself, not only so others take you seriously, but also so you don’t ingrain the same negative self-view in your child.

  108. Lolol420

    She must be from Alabama

  109. roseate spoonbill

    I went to Disney World as a childless couple myself- my father promised me that we would go when I was a child, and he never got around to it. I grew up, we became estranged, and he died. I was damned if I was going to allow my childhood dreams to die too.

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