Comments for Walt Disney World Won’t Get a Marvel Land (and Here’s Why That’s a Good Thing)

Walt Disney World Marvel land

Credit: Disney


  1. Steve Bennett

    Hope you warmed up before that big stretch! This is great news because it means we have reasons to travel the globe and go bankrupt? Hmmm. Now if Disney would give a break to annual pass holders on admission to parks other than their home… when do we leave?

    1. Shelli Black

      Yes! Most people are lucky to go to ONE park in their lifetime, let alone travel to “each coast” to see different attractions? No, I’m not really buying what she’s trying to sell here. Really disappointed that Disney World won’t have a Marvel area.

  2. Thomas Guralnick

    Hmm, makes me wonder if Universal and Disney are purposely avoiding sharing rights to the Marvel Concept as well as character presence and naming in order to convince the consumer to visit both Universal and Disney, I say hogwash. I was excited to go to Disney in 2020, however thought that Marvel would have a been a theme in Orlando. Mickey and the other wonderful characters from my childhood will still be great to experience. I identify more with the story line and characters in the Marvel Universe. (A Disney Owned Brand). Quite the conundrum, all for what I believe to be at the cost of the consumer and Fan. So now 10 Hours in line for the New rides, which is not included in the admission price anyway. Well Done Disney, well done.

  3. M D Dougher

    Walt Disney World has lost its Magic as far as I’m concerned.

  4. Jon

    I would swap Universal Studios Star Wars for Marvel.

  5. Brian Maynard

    Idk why Disney just doesn’t offer to buy out the contract from universal, at the end of the day money talks , as it is now both universal and Disney have restrictions as to what they can do with marvel, would rather see it unrestrained and 100% with Disney

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