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Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railroad


  1. David

    Just annouched in a week or two. USS will host two new zone on upcoming 5 years. Zones coming soon are Minion-themed land which will replace current Madagascar zone and Super Mario World. SMW not sure will be in between of which zones in current park layout. It was annouched by RWS.

  2. Matt Brewster

    Universal should create a separate park devoted entirely to not only it’s own Classic Monsters, but the entire Horror film genre. There are dozens if IPs they could license. Mount Dracula would be the park’s central wienie, mimicking Disney’s Castle, but dark and creepy. The park could have a half dozen lands. An old European section would lie behind Mount Dracula. There should be a desert land, with a relocated Mummy ride. I am upset that Skull Island has already been built at UOA. It really belongs here! There should be at least one walk-thru haunted maze in each area. Lastly, THE PARK SHOULD ONLY BE OPEN AT NIGHT! Guests should never see it in daylight.

  3. Kathy

    These all sound interesting and I can’t wait for the new attraction rides guardian if the galaxy and tron cycle gonna be exciting

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