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Star Wars Retro Figures



    This is just dumb, not to mention a pointless money grab. The reason the originals were so great was that they were IT…there were no others, and the technology (action features, articulation, sculpting) was simply at that point in its evolution. NOW, we are MUCH further along and MUCH improved. The only reason to get the old figures now is for their collectibility. New RETRO figures do not possess that and have a merely false nostalgia about them.

    1. Richard

      With respect to your opinion I absolutely disagree. I’ve had my original figures many years before having to sell them off during hard times. To have the same toys in a fresh form again is exciting. We had great imagination as kids of the seventies. I’ll take a new copy of an old school toy that gave me such wonderful memories. And let’s face it, they are selling out everywhere so really it’s genius to bring them back. If you hate them just buy them.

  2. Star Wars Escape from the Death Star definitely has my attention

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