Comments for Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge (Part 2 ): Did It Live Up To The Hype?

Batuu Marketplace in Star Wars Galaxy's Edge


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    You absolutely said it…its all the hype and more! You actually forget your at Disneyland. It truly is immersive.

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      The land was done great, but it felt like there could of been more and things were missing. The shops were a bit way too small. The items sold are very limited in variety as to what can be sold as Star Wars merch. Some things were like “oh that is so cool” but I was left underwhelmed. I would like to go again to see if that opinion changes. But I still think Wizarding World pulled off their shops and stores a lot better than what was done at Galaxy’s Edge. I’ve been a longtime fan since I first saw Return of the Jedi with my cousins in the 80s.

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    Doesn’t seem like actual Star Wars. It’s a pale imitation. It might be spectacular, but it’s nothing I’ve seen before. It borrows too much from original trilogy while not having its own storyline. I might see it, but not feel like returning. I’ll wait in any case for Rise of the Resistance.

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    It was a weird choice for Disney to make the land as an outpost no ones ever heard of. The Falcon mission being run by a B character was a weird choice and the engineer and gunner positions were not nearly as fun as pilot but even as pilot the actual ride is still kind of meh. We rode Smugglers Run 3 times to try and get pilot and don’t really have any desire to do it again anytime soon and yes I’m a huge Star Wars fan.

    The lightsaber and droids builds feel like a one and done kind of experience and none of the food places were exceptional. The blue milk was okay but had a weird after taste, both colors.

    And lastly the “bright suns” greetings didn’t make any sense never seeing anything like it in any of the 10 movies (8 saga, rogue one or solo) or the 2 cartoon series (clone wars and rebels) so why do it? Along the same vein we saw a guest ask if there were pretzels sold anywhere and instead of saying something like “we don’t sell those here or they’re only available off world” the cast member acted (poorly mind you) like she’d never heard of a pretzel and just confused the poor guest.

    Disney has some work to do before Rise of the Resistance opens.

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