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Ron Howard on "Solo: A Star Wars Story"

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  1. I thought it was a well written, well executed movie. I don’t know what critics are talking about.

  2. Tom Berry

    It wasn’t a bad movie. Fans boycotted it so Lucasfilm understand that they made a huge mistake with The Last Jedi.
    It’s incredible how they don’t have enough nerves to face their own mistakes…

  3. Brian G.

    This is just sad. “Internet trolls” are now the boogeyman, to blame for every boneheaded decision Hollywood makes. Solo performed poorly for one very simple reason: The Last Jedi sucked all life out of franchise.

  4. The Keeper

    The US boxoffice is no longer the main driver it’s the international ticket sales. In China it only took in $10 million last time I checked. And sports fans they can’t see the World Wide Web like we can. There were no Toy sales that killed it too.

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