Comments for Disney’s Marvel land may be as interactive as Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Marvel land and Galaxy's edge

Credit: Disney


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    My burgeoning question is… what about those people that don’t have a cel phone? I mean, sure, a lot of people do, but some, myself included, don’t necessarily want or need a thousand-dollar pocket brick. I don’t mind if they have stuff for people that have such a device, but if the whole thing is geared to HAVING to be jacked in to their app (which even if someone has a device, they may have reasons for not wanting to add yet another app to it) then that will ruin the experience for someone that paid just as much as Chucky Celphone did to have a fun day in Marvel Land…

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    How are the lands interactive outside of using your smart phone? I read quotes from Imagineers to say things like how you fly the Falcon can affect how other attractions react to you in the land. Is that real? Or was that just an idea they were working towards? It sounded cool, but has it rolled out?

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