Former Mythbuster built an Iron Man suit that can actually fly

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Marvel’s Avengers may not be actual superheroes in the real world. However, this doesn’t mean someone with the nerve and technical skills can’t design, build, and create their very own Iron Man suit! Former “Mythbusters” star Adam Savage did just this and the results are kind of incredible!

As part of Savage’s new series, “Savage Builds,” airing on Discovery TV, the creator kicked off the show with a build any Marvel Comics fan would revel over–a flying Iron Man suit!

The new show, which launched last Friday, features Savage using his technology skills to create unique and exciting things and for its first episode, we think Savage went above and beyond!

The first episode was dedicated completely to building an Iron Man suit, which Savage did. The suit doesn’t only fly but it is also bulletproof as well.

You really have to catch the episode of the show to really grasp all of went into building the suit. However, in the video above you can catch a highlight from the episode where Savage takes the suit on its first flight test.

To the dismay of some, the suit isn’t actually made out of Iron. Instead, it’s mostly made out of titanium, which makes up the framing of the suit. Although, the finished project does look wildly accurate to the version worn by Robert Downey Jr. in the MCU, minus the color scheme of course.

Savage first got the idea to create the suit when he heard there was a 3D printer that could print things entirely out of titanium, which is what he utilized to get the framework of the suit built. The flight and bulletproof aspects came later.

Iron Man suit created by Adam Savage
Credit: CNET

In its current state, the suit cannot fly as high or as fast as Tony Stark’s in any of the “Avengers” films. However, in a single episode of a TV show, Savage did come quite far.

What are your thoughts of Savage’s attempt at creating an Iron Man suit? Let us know in the comments below!


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