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Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Credit: Disneyland Resort


  1. Harley

    I am hoping this is a good sign for wdw end! That if they get crowds maybe wdw wont be so bad?! Anyone know whats the likely hood of getting into the land just for shops and to walk around? I have no intrest in doing much more and also looking at shops maybe having some of the food i heard about and go. I am a fan but i think waiting to ride the ride might be best!

  2. Sean

    * Hears that Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge is failing/flopping (exceptionally low attendance) right now all over social media *
    Why? I can tell you exactly why in this order:
    1) Disney, Kathleen Kennedy, & Rian Johnson butchered the Star Wars universe and franchise.
    2) Disney & SJW’s pissed off and turned away the actual Star Wars fans that would have come in droves and spent thousands of $’s.
    3) Galaxy’s Edge is based on the “NEW” Star Wars (Disney’s version of it) & it doesn’t feel familiar to long-time fans. It’s an off-brand.
    4) The park isn’t technically fully open yet. Additional rides, activities, and lodging are still under development/construction.
    5) Quality of the products, experience, and service (Ex: the overpriced flimsy lightsabers).
    6) Cost. $2,750.00 for the CHEAPEST/SHORTEST stay. If you splurge, you could EASILY spend well over $6,000 on visiting the park.
    7) Disney bet heavily on and catered to younger audiences, instead of the adult audience that Star Wars was made for.
    8) It’s in Disneyland, CA and not in Disney World, FL. Local V.S. International market.
    9) Cast Member & Passholder Blackout Dates, Reservations, Boarding Passes, Etc.
    10) Oversaturation of the market.
    Looks likes Disney’s expectations have been subverted.

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