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Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom

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  1. Nixsa Serrano

    Instead of appreciating their loyal FL Resident fan base, WDW is pricing FL Residents out of these annual passes ?. It’s almost a guaranteed customer base but with these continued price hikes affecting the Fl residents they’re pushing us towards looking at other amusement parks and their annual passes and driving us away. Fortunately there are several other amusement parks in Fl but if WDW wants to show Their appreciation and loyalty to its FL Residents they should reconsider raising our annual pass prices!

    1. Tory

      Pricing residents out? FL residents get a discount

  2. Rick

    Disney just got the last dollars in passes from me. They finally reached the pain threshold. Add to that, shutting us out of the early Star Wars plans is the final straw. The Disney accountants can be proud of their bottom line now, we have been pass holders for over 10 years, but it ends with their expiration. Thanks for the memories. Sea World here we come.

  3. Louisa Galaska

    Out of state people aren’t going to purchase at these prices. Disney is raping it’s loyal customers.

  4. I’m still gasping for breath after reading these increases. We will be using the last day of our FL resident pass soon and were planning to purchase annual passes but now we will not. My wife and I live in Orlando and met while working at Disney World, so it has a special place in our hearts. Now we will admire it from a distance.

  5. Christina

    Universal is sounding better and more affordable.

  6. Renée

    It’s absolutely disgusting how WDW increases prices, not just for their entrance fees, but hotel rates & dining rates! It used to be an affordable & enjoyable vacation with wonderful memories but now it is neither affordable & much less enjoyable ( wait times in lines are exhausting) FastPass are not as easy as they were & you feel like they are taking the last dollar out of your pocket when they’re charging you $5.00 for a bottle of water. It makes me very sad ? it used to be a Magical place

  7. Claire

    Out of state annual passholder here for the last 4 years… DONE! Thanks Disney

  8. Mark

    The reality is they want to thin the herd. Lines are way to long along and parks are to crowded. So the simple answer is eliminate the middle class annual pass buyers. This way Disney still get the higher income people purchasing passes. This demographic also pays for the deluxe hotels along with spending heavily in restaurants, bars and gift shops. These are the people Disney wants in their parks. Not the family’s that pack coolers and sandwiches to avoid spending $$

  9. Earl

    Disney is confident that with Star Wars fans coming to the park they won’t need Annual Passholders to carry them through the slow times. Disney prefers catering to the people who will stay in their hotels and spend money on food and souvenirs. They don’t need Florida residents anymore. They are also banking on the increased attendance that will come with the Tron and Guardians of the Galaxy rides. The economy is doing well and people can afford to travel to Florida and pay for the higher Disney prices. The Parks are the number one revenue generator for Disney. If the Stock Market crashes and the economy takes a downturn, folks won’t have that extra income to afford a trip to Disney, What will Disney do then? Will folks find out they can live without the parks? It’s just a matter a time before this will come back to bite them in the butt.

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