NEW SERIES: Club Game Night – Wonderful World Of Disney Trivia

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Welcome to Club Game Night, a new series on Inside The Magic’s Staycation club where your favorite theme park Youtube personalities gather to play a mystery board game inspired by our love of the parks. Each episode a new combination of players will be presented with a mystery game and it’s up to them to figure out all the rules, how to play, and to set up the board. Once everything is all set up, we dive into the game and battle til there is only one Club Game Night champion.

Wonderful World of Disney Trivia

For the first episode of the series, the gang takes on an iconic trivia board game that haunts the basements and closets of many Disney superfans… The Wonderful World Of Disney Trivia! Packaged in that iconic round gold tin, the game takes players on a journey through Disney history (as long as it’s before 1997 when the game came out).

Our players for this episode are Dan from Inside The Magic, alongside Mark from Yesterworld to form one team, facing off against Brad Hughes from Park Views With Hughes and his teammate Alicia Stella from Theme Park Stop!

Wonderful World of Disney Trivia

The rules are simple, answer trivia questions from one of the five categories to earn tokens for your game piece. While in the Start “ear” you can choose your category, then you enter the main board and begin to circle as you hunt for all five of your tokens. Once you’ve answered all five of the categories correctly you can enter the End “ear” where the opposing team can choose questions for you.

Club Game Night part 1

Last week we kicked off part 1 of this 2 part series. If you missed it be sure to watch before moving to part 2.

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Club Game Night part 2

Warning part 1 spoilers. If you haven’t yet watched part 1 you may want to do that now before reading ahead.

Thanks for coming back for the conclusion of our first Club Game Night episode. The fun continues with the conclusion of the trivia game in this week’s episode but to quickly recap part 1, Dan & Mark have taken the lead with 4 of 5 categories solved while Brad & Alicia have only completed 2 of 5 categories.

Before we get to part 2 how many of you saw part 1 and decided to pull out your own classic Disney trivia game? Without further ado here is part 2.

Hope you enjoyed the conclusion of our first game in our Club Game Night series. Who saw us miss questions that you knew the answer to? Let us know in the comments below.

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