Disneyland reveals guest check-in policies for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge reservations

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Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Launch Bay reservation check-in

Credit: Disney

If you were one of the lucky ” Star Wars” fans to snag a reservation for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge between May 31 and June 23, you’ve probably been wondering what your visit to Batuu will be like. Disney just answered some frequently asked questions about Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge visits, including what you need to know the day of your reservation.

In the latest Know Before You Go video, Disney Ambassador Justin Rapp shares one of the most important details we need to keep in mind when visiting Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Here’s what he has to say about your arrival to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge on your reservation day:

“If you have a reservation for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, there is no need to arrive super early to get into the land, because you will get in. You may check in up to two hours ahead of your Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge reservation at Star Wars Launch Bay in Tomorrowland.”

Rapp continues to share details about when you can arrive at the Disneyland Resort on opening day, May 31. He reminds guests that Disneyland Resort parking lots open at midnight, but the earliest guests can begin lining up outside of Disneyland park is 2 a.m. However, there is no “opening moment” on May 31, so as soon as Disneyland is open for the day, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and all associated elements of the land (including merchandise locations) will be open, as well. Because we can expect a long queue to get into Disneyland on May 31, Rapp reminds fans to not bring items into the queue that are not allowed in Disneyland park, like large coolers and chairs, since the queue may move around prior to park opening.

You can watch Disney’s video with all of these details and more below:

Disney has yet to share more details about what else we can expect from the check-in process at Star Wars Launch Bay, but we’ll be sure to update you when we know more information.

When do you plan to visit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Disney


  1. Beth

    What happen when your ticket is from 8 am to 12 pm. Can you get you ticket or pass the night before at launch bay

  2. Brandi Glover

    If our reservation is at 8 in the morning do we line up, as if we are just gonna be in the park??? Or is there a special line for the 8 am reservations?

  3. Janet

    I have the same question – our reservation is at 8 am. Do we line up?

  4. Bailee Abell

    Hi! Disney has revealed that there will be a line to enter Disneyland park in the morning, and that line may move as the opening time approaches closer and closer. If your reservation is at 8am, it may be best to arrive as early as possible in order to make sure you get parking, but you will be able to get into the land no matter what during your reservation time.

    1. Beth

      Just spoke with cast member at reservation line. If your ticket is 8 am. They will open gate at park at 6 am. You need to show your reservation. They will let you go to launch bay to get your passes. But the rest of the park will not be open. That is as of today conversation. Keep an eye out.

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