Comments for Rotten Tomatoes continues to block trolls amid “Captain Marvel” backlash

Brie Larson & Rotten Tomatoes


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    found one of the trolls

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    At first, the idea of making people see movies before reviewing them makes sense. But some people are against a movie on principle. True, there’s the remote chance the seeing the movie might win them over, but in essence, Rotten Tomatoes is trying to force people to pay good money to see a movie they’re not even interested in to be allowed to express an opinion, and make it a hit. And “trolls” is too harsh a word to use for those just expressing an unpopular opinion. Troll should be reserved for people who purposefully invade websites they’re not even interested in for the purpose of harrassing its users, not people who just want to express a negative opinion.

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      Yeah, calling them “trolls” is inaccurate. “Bot” is a more accurate term.

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      Or..and hear me out..

      Go express your opinion somewhere else.

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