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  1. I thought Toy Story 3 was the ending. Oh well. The fourth one looks pretty good. But how can anyone do a fifth one if the actors may be gone by then? Before anyone at Pixar thinks a Toy Story 5 is a good idea, they need to get Brad Bird for The Incredibles 3. That’s a sequel I want to see.

  2. Disnerd

    I’m still not sure how I feel about ‘Toy Story 4’, the third really was a great end to a sublime trilogy. I appreciate the short films to show how the gang are getting on at Bonnie’s but, while I’ll see it and every Toy Story movie made, I hope that they don’t overkill it. I understand the need to make sequels and remakes but I can’t deny that the only named movie coming soon I’m truly looking forward to is ‘Onward’. Yes, remakes and sequels can make money, but originality and brand new worlds to explore to me are more exciting. While I liked ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ and felt it brought some freshness to the original, I felt ‘Incredibles 2’ was only okay, great characters but nothing I hadn’t seen before, but we’ll see, I could see TS4 and think I need to see a 5th, 6th, 29th part – but so long as ‘Woody’ is the protagonist.

  3. LB

    No. Toy Story 4 was completely unnecessary, and I hope it bombs at the box office (I know it won’t though). A 5th one will completely ruin the sweet story with a perfect ending.

  4. Patricia wright


  5. Bry

    i personally think Toy Story 3 was the perfect ending, it shouldve ended there. a lot of Disney/Pixar fans believe this as well. outside of children or new parents who werent much of Disney fans themselves but brought their kids to see TS3 anyway, no one wanted there to be a sequel because we were all content w/ TS3’s ending and believed that should have been the end to the franchise. but of course, Disney/Pixar had to keep milking the money cow and make a fourth movie to the franchise. we do NOT need a fifth movie! from the sounds of the articles i read of Woody and Buzz’s VAs claiming the ending was very emotional and the audience will love it, it sounds like TS4 will have an ending that neatly wraps up the franchise (again)…so it seems like a good time to stop, no? enough is enough. not including straight-to-TV/DVD movie specials for the holidays, Toy Story is the only Disney and/or Pixar movie series that has had this many sequels w/ many others either not having a sequel, only have one sequel or stopping at a trilogy. if they want to continue w/ Toy Story’s…erm, story they could do what they’re doing w/ The Lion Guard (a sequel-spin-off of The Lion King series) and just have a TV show on Disney Channel

  6. 3 ended nicely… but now that they made 4 we’re going to need a 5th one to give us a satisfying ending! Woody can’t just end up a street toy. He needs to get back in the possession of Andy, or Andy’s kid!

  7. Kim weiland

    Is the grandma from toy story 4 the wife from the up movie?

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