Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige confirms Ten Rings and Mandarin will appear in future MCU films

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If you’re anything like us, you’ve been itching to find out what will become of the Marvel Cinematic Universe ever since you saw “Avengers: Endgame” in theaters a few weeks back. And, according to the head of Marvel Studios himself Kevin Feige, the super hero movie creators may have a few tricks up their sleeves for future films. Namely, fan-favorite villains like Ten Rings and the real Mandarin could be appearing on the big screen sooner than we anticipated.

Feige hinted at the return of Ten Rings and the real Mandarin in an Ask Me Anything thread on Reddit this week, and while he didn’t go too deeply into detail, he did confirm what a lot of fans have been wanting for years. After one Reddit user asked Feige if, without going into details about developing projects, there are any plans to incorporate Ten Rings, the terrorist organization from the original “Iron Man” film, or have the real Mandarin return in the future, Feige answered with a one-word confirmation: “Yes.”

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As Comicbook points out, fans’ yearning for a return of Ten Rings and a proper incorporation of the real Mandarin villain in the MCU was a common theme throughout Feige’s AMA. If you don’t remember, the main villain in “Iron Man 3” was an actor named Trevor Slattery falsely portraying the Mandarin. Later, Marvel Studios followed up with the Slattery character in a short film “All Hail the King,” in which Slattery goes to jail and receives a threatening message from the real Mandarin, who, as any villain would be, was pretty unhappy with his identity being stolen for show. The Mandarin is a supervillain who appeared in the Iron Man and War Machine comics as a genius scientist and martial artist who, of course, wants to take over the world.

Fans who tuned into Feige’s AMA on Reddit were left speculating about how Marvel Studios would incorporate Ten Rings and the real Mandarin in the next era of the MCU, especially given the future absence of Iron Man. But with all of the Marvel shows in development for Disney+ and the surprises we’re sure Marvel Studios has in store for fans in the coming years, we’re sure they will find a way to make sense of the appearance of Ten Rings and the Mandarin (and give them the villainous status they deserve). In his AMA, Feige also shared that characters from the Marvel Comics who haven’t yet appeared in the MCU will make their debut “soon enough,” and there are many characters that Feige has “loved for many years that are heading to the MCU soon.” We’re not sure what will happen, but we’ll update you when more details are revealed.

Like many Marvel fans, we’re excited to see what’s to come, and while we’re not sure what can follow the epic finale that was “Avengers: Endgame,” we’re eager to find out.

What do you think of the possible return of Ten Rings and the real Mandarin in future Marvel productions? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Reddit, Comicbook


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