Comments for Disney’s live-action “Lady and the Tramp” changing controversial siamese cat song

Disney's live-action "Lady and the Tramp" changing controversial siamese cat song

Credit: Disney


  1. John Lomaga

    Yes and NO as a forced cat owner ( Gizmo is actually my wifes’)and if you know anything about cats, I don’t and wouldn’t consider the Siamese Cat scene very offensive. Unless you are a CAT.

    1. truesilverblog

      You would if you were asian or researched the propaganda used against asians in our past.

      1. John Lomaga

        And again how many DECADES ago was that ? If we haven’t learned anything by then we are a lost society and culture. Eventually we must “move on”, please.

    2. Regina Sammi Sylvi Mayhugh

      I agree 100%. It is against cats, not people! Not excited about it now when they take out such a cute and funny scene.

    3. Spike

      You shouldn’t name your cat Gizmo. It is offensive to gremlins. Also, whatever you do, don’t feed it after midnight…

      1. John Lomaga

        LOL ! LOL ! I know I know and wouldn’t you know it, he becomes ENERGIZED at around midnight too ! Go figure.

  2. Kimba Lorber

    Other than the bad accent as it was sung, I can’t remember anything offensive in that scene. The entire song is about how mischievous (some would say ‘evil’ as their entire intentions were to blame Lady for their actions) the cats are singing about cat things. “Can you see this thing swimming round and round? Maybe we can reach in and make it drown!” (goldfish). Climbed and ripped drapes, knocked over things, did cat things. Blamed the dog (also a cat thing lol). What’s Disney going to do next? Say Siamese cats don’t exist? This is ridiculous. Leave the original movies ALONE. It’s how we learn to do better, it’s good talking and teaching points for kids. You can’t erase the past you can only learn from it and move on.

    1. John Lomaga

      Couldn’t have said it BETTER !

    2. At the time, the sky and sneaky asian was the stereotype used. It was offensive and othering of the people.

    3. The problem is this is a remake and you are asking them to repeat the same racism.you want to teach about our past and asian racist sterotypes? Send your kid to college and take sociology or history

  3. RG

    cats can be antagonistic toward dogs at any time. Not stereotypical to see this behavior in the original film. The use of Siamese cats is recognition that there were several cases of Siamese twins in the 50’s, ergo a pair of Siamese cats. PC is stupidity.

  4. I’m torn on this. While yes, the accent and stylization (to some degree anyway) of the Siamese cats is an obnoxious stereotype… the characterization of what Siamese cats are like was honestly really dead-on. And I say this as someone who has three, and an Oriental (that’s a Siamese without points.)

    If there was a Persian in there, would they have taken it out because it’s offensive to the Near East?

    But Siamese -are- bossy, and intelligent, and will absolutely frame others for their misdeeds. To quote T.S. Eliot, ‘They will do what they do-do, and there’s no doing anything about it.’

    1. Persians are not historically portrayed during this time as sly, untrustworthy, and manipulative

      1. No, they’re usually portrayed as bourgeoise ‘fat cats’, only out for profit and aristocratic snobbery. (although often untrustworthy and manipulative, for that matter)

        My point is, Siamese cats are, by and large, actually rather like that. Yes, the accent and the way the cats in the original cartoon were portrayed is stereotypical anthropomorphism, but what they do and the way they do it is not. If you made their portrayal less (shall we say) overtly anthropomorphic, then I can’t see what the fuss is.

      2. I think the line, “Whelevel thele am baby, thele able milk nealby” says it all in terms of offense. Over PC is one thing, but this is truly offensive.

  5. John Lomaga

    Very nicely said. The original accentuates in original Lady and the Tramp in cartoon fashion “the characterization of what Siamese cats are like “. Cats, not a race nor a culture a CAT . Lets remember IT”S A CARTOON !

  6. B.G.

    They’re listening, unfortunately, to a small segment of the perpetually offended.

  7. Agreed John. It’s a playful song, by mischievous cats.
    Get over it people.

    I’m also upset to hear they will be omitting the Song of the South movie, I loved that music.

  8. It only becomes racist if you teach it to be racist to next generation. They would not know the background you stated, they will only know they mischievous cats trying to blame the little dog for their misbehavior. THAT is a teaching point to be taught to children!

    1. John Lomaga

      KUDOs, Your absolutely correct when you say “it only becomes racist if you teach it to be racist ” Maybe as a child I was to naive but can only remember “mischievous cats trying to blame the little dog”. Todays generation has been ask to grow up far to quickly and media, of all types have been very available and accessible and just maybe far to quickly.

  9. martin

    People can make anything racist these days. Im still offended by dark chocolate being brown, it should all be transparant and equal.

  10. David De Veny

    Have we become offended about EVERYTHING?

  11. Derek

    This reminds me that I have the original CD release of the Aladdin soundtrack where the opening market scene song has the line, “Where they cut off your ear if they don’t like your face. It’s barbaric but, hey, it’s home!” I can sort of see that one but come on, people, everyone needs to lighten up a little. I’m a gay man, I don’t take issue with outdated gay stereotypes appearing in modern films. So what? So the Asian cats were evil, big deal. There are plenty of non-Asian villains in Disney movies. Do all villains going forward need to be strictly Caucasian?

    1. John Lomaga

      Kudos nicely said ” everyone needs to lighten up a little.”

  12. Stephanie L Bannon

    So how is it racist, certainly the lyrics are not racist unless you consider the word “Siam” to be offensive.

  13. It’s not about the cats being cats but there is a decidedly racist and “othering” aspect to the scene. It’s more than just the voice. The eyes are specifically slanted for even more effect. This is not uncommon, unfortunately, for the time but this idea of “we will help stop the racist stereotypes by continually showing it” doesn’t work. If you are doing it as part of a lesson in propaganda and racism in an academic setting, sure. Casual references in children/family movies? No.

    1. How the hell else are u supposed to draw an asian related character!? It’s like if someone animated a black or white person & made their skin color brown & white! How else are people supposed to know these things. Your taking away what makes them them & who they are! Quit trying to be so rediculously over sensitive!?

      1. Well first, this is not about being overly sensitive. This is about racism. In the 1950s, asians were used as villains by being portrayed as evil, sinister, untrustworthy, and cruel. This same thought went into the characters. There is no reason to repeat the same othering.

        “how else are you suppose to draw an asian related character”?

        How about with round eyes like Siamese Cats often have?

        “how else are people suppose to know these things”?

        You don’t think people know what a Siamese cat looks like?

        1. War

          Holy Cow! Are you Asian? And I do not mean American raised and of Asian decent, I mean from Asia. I have talked with many people on the subject who are actually Asian and they don’t have a care about it, They actually have said the other stereotypes are present as well, Irish, the white couple, the Tramp, all are stereotypical and have been in every movie ever and still is. I would prefer actual Asian actors to do the performance then no one would have any right to complain, but it seems that there are always those people who want to act on the behalf of other races and speak for them when not even asked to and make enough noise until enough people feel bad about it then a whole PC movement start and no one can look at another person without feeling like a huge piece of racist crap.

  14. Judith A Kahr

    I love the Siamese Cat Song. Why, oh why, do we have to cater to the minority opinion and people’s hypersensitivity. I have owned Siamese cats and they sre smart animals and I laugh every time I have watched those scenes in the movie. What’s Lady and the Tramp without the Siamese cats? Less entertaining!

    1. Melanie

      I completely agree

  15. Melanie

    That was my favorite song in that show! And people these days are so sensitive! Like the article says, that was decades ago!

  16. Ken

    You believe that still does not exist? Sure it does. We “Move on” by not DOING IT AGAIN.

  17. Shanna

    Completely agree! If we erase history it is as if it didn’t happen and that would be offensive.

  18. Joyce Lindsey

    Get a grip pal. There will always be someone who can claim racist. Leave the cartoons alone. For generations they have brought joy and laughter to all.

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