Comments for “Winnie the Pooh” voice star Jim Cummings claims victory in bitter divorce battle

"Winnie the Pooh" voice star accused of rape and animal abuse

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  1. I’ve met some Mr. Cummings’ co-workers and good friends who are also in the voice acting industry. They say that he is one of the kindest and most professional people in the industry. Even the ones who are liberal and don’t agree his Catholic and Conservative views, like Jennifer Hale and Maurice LaMarche, have nothing but respect for him. His ex-wife must not be mentally well.

  2. BritKing

    To clarify, the two have joint restraining orders keeping them 100 yards apart until 2022. That being said, I must stress the crucial point that Jim now has main custody of the kids, so regardless of what Stephanie’s attorney, Larry Bakman, will tell you, It’s abundantly clear that the court didn’t find her claims to be true.

  3. Been there, survived that. Circa 1972, “Deep Throat” said, “Follow the Money.” Still True.

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