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Haunted Mansion LEGO set


  1. Doug

    Great concept and minifigs. The original might have broader appeal during its 50th Anniversary. Best of Luck!

  2. cornjob

    oh dear, another ultra-expensive adult lego kit. i like that they do this, but i can never afford them

  3. Brenda Karl

    I vote AGAINST anything haunted, magic, demonic!

    1. Abigail Williams

      I saw Tituba levitating in the ballroom with Goody Proctor!

  4. Lauren

    This would be cooler if it was Disneyland’s version of HM, plus that’s the one turning 50 this year (not the one at Disneyworld).

    1. Tim

      Totally agree. Disneyland’s HM is turning 50 this year.

    2. However, as the article described, this vote is to get the Lego Mansion approved and an shelves in time for Disney World’s Mansion — which will turn 50 in 2021. Probably too late to get Lego to design, produce, and stock for this year.

  5. Michael Calhoun

    I’m kind of surprised there aren’t already readily available LEGO and 3D Puzzle of certain Disney icons. Castles, attractions, etc. I’d be all over the Disneyland Haunted Mansion and various other attractions if they ever became available in 3D puzzles or LEGOs. Come on Disney……do your magic.

    1. Karen

      Well we’ve had the completed LEGO Cinderella Castle in our family room for several years now. Complete with Christmas lights!

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