Comments for Family sues Disney for $75K after bedbugs bite them at resort and follow them home

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  1. T

    This is not a Disney resort. Disney employees are not going to say over the phone they have a bedbug problem. It’s possibly a Disney neighbor hotel.

    1. Francine Williams

      All Star Movies IS a WDW Resort.

    2. Joe

      The All-Star resorts are most definitely Disney owned resorts. This lawsuit is crazy though come on mental anguish… get real.

    3. Joe

      The All-Star resorts are most definitely Disney owned. But this lawsuit is frivolous at best… mental anguish… come on!

      1. crazy willy

        i wouldnt say its a frivolous lawsuit. Bedbugs are terrible. I hate that they keep throwing in their “autisitic” son as an excuse, but to exterminate and be rid of bedbugs is a long and tedious process. I would sue if for anything my possessions that have to be thrown out and some inconvenience. I would stop throwing my “autistic” son in the face, though, as we all know there are different levels of autistic.

  2. Jeffrey

    Ridiculous lawsuit. Bedbugs have been an issue at some of the worlds top hotels and there is no way to preemptively avoid them, as they are brought in by one hotel guest and discovered one or more down the line. I am unaware of any hotel being found liable for infestation, but are responsible to deal with it, once discovered. There are retail available sprays one can bring with them, if they are so inclined. While All Star is a WDW owned resort, it is at the economy level, and quite large. Unfortunately this lends itself to greater risk than the premium hotels WDW offers. My son and I have stayed at WDW resorts over 20 times over the past 9 years and have always found them clean, and staff most responsive. Prior to the opening of Disney Four Seasons, I had an opportunity to have a discussion with the Four Seasons VP of Operations and told him that Fours Seasons had the best customer service with exception of Disney, and that if they wore Mickey Mouse costumes at customer service, they could possibly have Disney beat. He then told me, prior to public announcement, of the soon to be opened hotel, and they have certainly lived up to expectation.

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