Comments for New report claims Disney ignored Tolkien’s Christian faith in biographical movie

Tolkien movie poster

Credit: Disney


  1. Addi

    This is a Fox Searchlight film, Disney had nothing to do with its production.

  2. B.G.

    I don’t really know much about Tolkien’s personal life so can’t comment on that aspect. But the director’s explanation is wholly unsatisfactory. If you can’t find a way to portray the moral and philosophical underpinnings of a character (be they religiously derived or not) on screen without it being boring, then you’re a bad story-teller.

  3. Shanin Stringfellow

    I don’t know how you could read or watch the stories without seeing the Christian inspiration to the theme and storyline. The return of the King (Jesus returning) over coming evil (satan). Hollywood has sold its soul to the devil. Just the lost leading the lost.

  4. Jacob L Grant

    If the director cant find a way to make the philosophical/metaphorical/spiritual underpinnings of a character interesting then he shouldn’t get the job. He thinks Tolkien’s spirituality was boring? Then I’d say that makes him a moron.


    2 things

    This was a Fox film.

    The most notable founding fathers weren’t Christian. i.e. Thomas Jefferson

  6. Eric

    Couple things here:
    1) Disney had nothing to do with this film’s production

    2) This link is not a “report”, it’s an op-ed blog

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