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  1. Bravo to Disney.

  2. Michael Sorino

    And after 4 Disney cruises, the next one that’s sails Mon would be our last.

    1. Joyce Mayer Lindsey


      1. Michael Sorino

        Think about how many innocent people this buffoon will put out of work just because he wants to make a political statement? All the while, from his mega$ mansion and private jet. Interesting enough, odds are that a portion of the newly jobless would have the same political opinion. .

  3. Steve B

    I am surprised the writer says Disney is avoided getting involved in politics when this is exactly what they are doing. The well-being of employees has nothing to do with this political grandstanding. Georgia is attractive to filmmakers because of its financial incentives. By participating in a political boycott, Iger is not acting in the best financial interest of his company or its stockholders. Iger should be disciplined by the Board of Directors.

  4. Anthony Cecchini

    we have been to Disney over 20 times since 1997 and own 2 DVC timeshares and after the last couple of years of Disney politics with Trump and the Hall of Presidents we have stayed away since 2015. I was planing on going next year just to see Galaxy Edge and now after my wife found out about what Disney is planning for Georgia She told me that she never wants to go to Disney again.So to Bob Iger I say If you want to Boycott Georgia that fine I will not be at a Disney Park or pay to watch a Disney movie So what goes around comes around

  5. Lisa Gilbert

    Instead of starting your ethical stance with Georgia Mr Iger, Disney should stop filming and doing business with countries that murder homosexuals and stone woman in the streets.

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