Comments for Why “Star Wars: Episode IX” could bank more than Avengers: Endgame”

Star Wars: Episode IX could bank more than "Avengers: Endgame"



  1. Loui B

    I really don’t think that Detective Pikachu will have any effect on how the Avenger movie does in the long run. And with so much of the box office coming internationally now and don’t know when the Pikachu movie will be released internationally very hard to say it will have any effect for the international box office too. The movies are quite different with one being the end to over a 20 movie series and the other one being the 1st in a new series. Clearly everyone who has seen the previous Avenger movie is going to want to see this one to see how things end. Unless it is written very poorly which seems unlikely with the Marvel track record would expect great box office from this movie. Will Star Wars do better, hard to say as the 8th film in the series wasn’t that well received. However a satisfying end to the original Star Wars Saga could also do great box office. So basically I think which ever film does better will be because of the film, not what it is playing against.

  2. yeah…no. Avengers doing a Billion worldwide in 1 weekend…I’m a bigger Star WArs fan than Marvel, and SW won’t be pulling 1 billion in a weekend.

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