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Oogie Boogie Bash

Credit: Disney

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  1. Quy Huynh

    I’m extremely disappointed to learn that there is a cancellation of Mickey’s Halloween Party in Disneyland and that there will be Ooogie Boogie Bash Halloween Party held in Disney California Adventure instead. Mickey’s Halloween Party was an event that I look forward to attend. It doesn’t really matter about Star Wars and it is not a good reason for it to be changed. I know that Star Wars were constructing last year and still constructing this year and Mickey’s Halloween Party were held in Disneyland while Star Wars was constructing. I enjoy dressing up as my favorite Disney character, Pinocchio, and because I heard that Disneyland does not allow age 14 and older to dress up as Disney characters, this Mickey’s Halloween Party in Disneyland event was the only way I could do it. I really wish to dress up as my favorite Disney character in Disneyland, not in Disney California Adventure. I’m extremely upset! I really hope that they will bring back Mickey’s Halloween Party in Disneyland and cancel Oogie Boogie Bash in Disney California Adventure. I will be appreciated if they bring back this event. I’m sure people will be appreciated as well if this event brought back. I’m sure they are upset and disappointed as well.

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