New limited edition Simba by Richard Orlinski

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Credit image : Richard Orlinski on Instagram

Lion King is coming to Disneyland Paris this summer and the hype is huge in Europe. The Lion King and Jungle Festival is THE event of the year at Disneyland Paris.

“Lion King” fans can pick up new merchandise dedicated to “The Lion King: Rhythms of the Pride Lands” as well as “The Lion King” and Simba-themed fashion and lifestyle merchandise. Among the many new items coming we got a sneak preview of a particularly special collectible coming soon.

French artist Richard Orlinski, who is already known for creating a Mickey Sorcerer’s Apprentice collectible in 2017 for Disneyland Paris 25th anniversary, has returned with a new statuette set to be released with the new Lion King Festival which every guest will want to buy – Simba! This adorable statuette will have everyone roaring.

Richard Orlinki Simba statue
Credit: Richard Orlinski on Instagram

This item created specifically for Disneyland Paris and shopDisney France will first be released exclusively at Disneyland Paris on July 17th and then we expect it to eventually find its way online at ShopDisney France. So stay tuned!

Richard Orlinski is no stranger to Disneyland Paris art collectors having previously released a Mickey Sorcerer’s Apprentice statuette which is available for purchase on ShopDisney France now for only €49.00.


Blue Mickey Sorcerer by Richard Orlinsky

These collectibles are sure to delight fans around the world and for those of you fortunate enough to visit Disneyland Paris this summer don’t miss your chance to pick one up.

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