Comments for Disneyland Paris park guests upset after entrance was trashed from employee protest

Disneyland Paris entrance trashed after employee protest

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  1. Ken

    Disney should have had stitch pop up and act like he did it .

  2. Larry

    100% Disney’s fault.
    1)They need to clean up their Park; it’s not that hard.
    2)They need to settle their issues with Onet and make decent compensation.

    1. Don

      No….they need to fire that disruptive company and bring in someone else. There is no excuse for this action. There are legal ways to pursue a dispute. This was ridiculous.

    2. Ida

      I used to clean planes. People can be disgusting with their messes. Never mind how many diabetic needles I found.
      Cleaning an amusement park is hard.

  3. Richard Hulland

    I am discusted by these protesters they should have been arested. I would not want to be a Cast Member at City Hall over that weekend.

  4. Michelle Anderson

    History repeating itself. In America colonists were tired of being taxed to death and spilled tea in the harbor. The Parisians spilled paper.

  5. Ida

    Disneyland Paris should hire their own cleaning crew.

  6. Heather McCloy

    Because of the protests it was basically down to single file queues and was very stressful with 2 young kids 4 and 2 year olds. I asked park attendants what was going on and they just kept saying they don’t know. Obviously they did know because you have to get by security to get in that bit of the park and obvi6they where government workers.

  7. Darius Solis

    UNSATISFACTORY.. considering the amount of Money Disney makes, there shouldn’t be an excuse. Fix It.

  8. Carl

    If I was there, I’d have rolled up my sleeves and helped to clean it up. The more people working on it, the quicker it’d be taken care of. There, it’s done.

  9. Angel Monger

    If Onet cares that little for Disney’s Reputation and has even less respect for the quality of a guest’s experience; then, Disney should permanently sever ties with them! Onet didn’t think about the impact they were having on guests’ experience? Obviously they didn’t or they would have “protested” in a way that impacted Disney, not the park guests! No Excuse, they should be without a job and without any pay- Disney should also FINE Onet for impeding their business, for defaming Disney’s reputation and for creating a negative experience for so many guests. Make Onet an example and maybe they’ll think about their actions the next time they decide to lash out like toddlers instead of utilizing appropriate avenues.

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