Artists imagined Disney Villains as babies, the results are innocent and adorable

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Artists imagined what Disney Villains would look like as babies,

Credit: © 101 Dalmatians / Disney © viviennedubois / tumblr

Everyone knows that the Disney Princesses and heroes have always stood at the forefront of most Disney fans’ childhood memories for their goodwill and ability to triumph over bad. However, one can’t forget the Disney Villains, whose wrongdoings made us all grimace and groan (and sometimes even cry) from all of their pent up viciousness and hate. But like everyone else, these heroes didn’t all start off bad and two artists wanted to highlight their happier and cuter beginnings in a series of cartoon portraits. Trust me, after you see just a few of these images, you’ll forgive them all!

Davy Jones — “Pirates of the Caribbean

Most known as the swashbuckling pirate from the darkest depths of the seven seas, he’s been reimagined into the cutest little first mate. Just one look into those big blue eyes and you’d probably hand him all your gold doubloons.

Davey Jones
Credit: © Pirates of the Caribbean / Disney © Chibi Magics / facebook

Hades — “Hercules”

You might remember Hades as the fast-talking god of the Underworld with a fiery temper. However, in this cartoon look, the god is adorable and subdued.

Credit: © Hercules / Disney © Chibi Magics / facebook

Maleficent — “Sleeping Beauty”

Seeing the new image on the right, it’s almost impossible to think this figure is the definition of pure evil, and responsible for all misfortune in King Stefan’s kingdom.

Credit: © The Sleeping Beauty / Disney © viviennedubois / tumblr

Queen of Hearts — “Alice in Wonderland”

This re-imagination still kind of shows the queen as a tyrannical and deranged ruler. Although her appearance is still much cuter, and in child form, she’s probably less likely to behead her subjects.

Queen of Hearts
Credit: © Alice in Wonderland / Disney © viviennedubois / tumblr

Ursula — “The Little Mermaid”

The villainous sea witch known for “helping” poor unfortunate souls looks harmless in her re-imagination. Seeing her in this form might make you wonder how she could have possibly been banished from Atlantica.

Credit: © The Little Mermaid / Disney © viviennedubois / tumblr

Cruella de Vil — “101 Dalmatians”

Probably the most fashion-forward villain of all time and she still has a knack for being well dressed, even as a little one. In her baby form, she’s much sweeter too, as she can be seen painting on spots instead of skinning helpless puppies.

Cruella De Vil
Credit: © 101 Dalmatians / Disney © viviennedubois / tumblr

Drizella and Anastasia — “Cinderella”

The two not-so-nice stepsisters of Cinderella were vile and cruel as adults. But as little babies, the two are cute as buttons. I wonder if this was before the girls learned of envy and jealousy?

Drizella and Anastasia
Credit: © Cinderella / Disney © viviennedubois / tumblr

The Evil Queen — “Snow White”

As lovely and sweet The Evil Queen appears as a baby, I’d still question whether or not it’d be smart to accept that apple.

The Evil Queen
© Snow White / Disney © viviennedubois / tumblr

Captain Hook — “Peter Pan”

The evil and bloodthirsty commander of The Jolly Roger in search of revenge against Peter Pan looks as sweet as pie as a baby. This little one is so cute, he should have been a Lost Boy himself!

Captain Hook
Credit: © Peter Pan / Disney © chibimagics / instagram

Jafar — “Aladdin”

As an adult, Jafar’s stiff demeanor might make you question how he became the Sultan’s most trusted and loyal councilman. However, as an innocent and precious little baby, I think it’s safe to say most would trust him with all of our worldly possessions, probably even our magic lamps!

Credit: © Aladdin / Disney © chibimagics / instagram

Yzma — “The Emperor’s New Groove”

The evil sorceress obsessed with killing the emperor doesn’t look like she could hurt a fly as a baby.

Credit: © The Emperor’s New Groove / Disney © chibimagics / instagram

Lady Tremaine — “Cinderella”

As a lady, she’s a cold-hearted and evil stepmother but as a baby, she’s a sweet little girl who we have to imagine is incapable of jealousy or any other psychological abuse for that matter!

Lady Tremaine
© Cinderella / Disney © chibimagics / instagram

Mother Gothel — “Tangled”

Obsessed with youth and beauty, Mother Gothel finally found her way to the epitome of youth. And just think, she didn’t have to hoard Rapunzel’s magical golden hair to do so either!

Mother Gothel
Credit: © Tangled / Disney © viviennedubois / tumblr

Madame Medusa — “The Rescuers”

A proprietor has never looked so sweet. Although, judging by the looks of that jewel in her hand, she may run a stiff trading ring on the playground.

Madame Medusa
Credit: © The Rescuers / Disney © chibimagics / instagram

Claude Frollo — “The Hunchback of Notre-Dame”

As an adult, Claude is a ruthless Parisian and as a child, he appears to be quite similar. I wonder if he’d be any sweeter to Quasimodo as a baby?

Claude Frollo
Credit: © The Hunchback of Notre-Dame / Disney © chibimagics / instagram

To see more from Vijolea and Chibi Magics, be sure to visit their official blogs.

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