Disney Parks Guess Who? Animatronic Edition Coming Soon! – Park Exclusive

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Guess Who Disney Animatronic Edition

Disney puts a new spin on the classic Guess Who? board game with their newly announced Guess Who? Disney Animatronic Edition coming later this month! You and a friend will be able to share your favorite Disney Park memories at home as you eliminate characters and try to be the Guess Who Animatronics champ! The game will be available in all parks starting April 31st, 2019 and will retail for $19.99. The game includes animatronic characters from every Disney Park around the world.

Guess Who Disney Animatronic Edition

Read Disney’s official game description from the press release that came along with an advance preview copy of the game!

Disney Park’s spin on the beloved 1980’s version of the classic mystery face game. There’s a mystery animatronic on your opponent’s card. Can you find the matching character in the crowd? Ask YES or NO questions and then take a guess! Start with your game unit full of silly-looking characters. Then ask the right questions to eliminate the wrong animatronics! Once you’re down to a character or two-solve the mystery by guessing who! If you’re the first to identify your opponent’s mystery animatronic, you win!

We got to play a little bit of the game and it is super entertaining and fun for all ages. Young Park Fans can ask simple questions like “Is it an Animal?” while more seasoned Theme Park Fans can be a little more creative with their questioning… “Is the attraction defunct?” or “Does this animatronic work?”

Guess Who board game on the countertop

Guess Who? Disney Animatronic Edition Giveaway!

Really want to get your hands on this game? We do too! So we are giving away a free copy to EVERYONE!

Guess Who Disney Animatronic Edition

While this might be an April Fools joke… we actually made it really happen! (All completely unofficial of course!)

That’s right! We made a free printable DIY Disney Animatronic Guess Who? Game!

It is designed to be compatible with THIS version of the game, but we left wiggle room for you to cut up the insert cards into any size you need to if you have the older version of the game.

Just download the PDF below, then head into any Staples or printer and request they print the PDF double-sided on heavy card stock so that it will last! Once you’ve printed it, carefully cut it out and have fun!

You can also print at home, and glue the front / back sides together and then cut each out.

Before cutting anything check sizing and fit using the existing game’s cards. Printers may change the size of the images slightly and that can distort the size of the cards. We left the additional color background on the board cards so you can cut them larger if needed for other versions of the game.


Please make sure you share your game boards with us on Social Media!

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