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Mickey Mouse

The thing I love the most about the Walt Disney World Resort is that the magic is perfect for Guests of all ages. Whether you’re young or young at heart, the many family-friendly attractions and experiences in the theme parks are sure to completely immerse you and your loved ones in the magic of Disney storytelling!

Having visited the Walt Disney World Resort regularly while I was growing up, I was especially eager to visit with my own little ones in tow. When our oldest son was 3-years old, I was very ready to plan his first Disney vacation! My husband, however, had his doubts. Our youngest at the time was just an infant, and my husband was not convinced that traveling with a baby was a great idea. While I knew our 11-month old certainly wouldn’t remember this vacation, I also knew we were going to make priceless memories together as a family. I made sure to put a lot of time and effort into the planning process knowing full well that the fate of future Disney vacations rested on this one going well!

Town Square Theater

We spent our first full day at the Walt Disney World Resort in Magic Kingdom Park. My oldest had an autograph book and getting Mickey Mouse’s iconic signature was a priority for him, so a stop at Town Square Theater was a must-do. When the door opened and our youngest got a glimpse of Mickey, he squealed with such delight and happiness that our hearts instantly melted. He nearly leapt out of my husband’s arms to get to his new pal! That’s the moment my husband became a Disney Dad, and for that reason, it’s my absolute favorite memory at the Walt Disney World Resort! You can bet he couldn’t wait to take our newest addition on her first Disney vacation when she was just 11-months old. He knew we’d have a magical stay, even with an infant (and we did)!

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    Stephen Hughes

    I have so many favourite memories from the 2010 trip when we took our 14 and 9 years old boys for the first time. We live in Australia so it is a huge undertaking to head to the US. But I don;t regret any moment of that trip. Been to Disneyland 3 times and that would be the most magical, outside of fulfilling a dream in 1996.

    What were the top memories of 2010:
    1) Stitch trying to pick my 9-year-olds nose, and mucking up with the 14 year old in Town Square
    2) Mickey taking my Eldest sons Universal cap and stomping on it
    3) Eldest going to Crush interactive session and being named Jaokb Jellyfish, and 4 days later Crush remembering him. In awe that moment.
    4) Doing Goofy’s Kitchen and having 9 year old bake a cake with Goofy – So jealous as Goofy is my hero, but sons smile said it all
    5) Having the Fairy Godmother take time to talk to my 14 and 9 year old, but they were happy to talk to her. They didn’t think it wierd, silly or stupid. Just awesome.

    It is for these reasons that I just love going to Disneyland. And my wife is a big fan now after that trip. Just so many magical moments for that one, but all my trips.

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