Comments for Chris Hemsworth called out for sneaking daughter onto Disneyland attraction

Chris Hemsworth criticized for sneaking daughter onto Disneyland attraction

Credit: ABC


  1. Chris

    I remember my parents putting lifts in my timberland boots so I could ride splash mountain and tower of terror as a kid. I was always short and loved thrill rides. I would just swap shoes in a stroller when I wanted to go on a thrill ride.

  2. Brent Shelton

    Whatever…im sure if a normal adult did this they would be charged with child endagerment…but hey……at least he didnt spoil Endgame. Our society has priorities after all

  3. A Snickers bar is a half-inch tall — the daughter was that close? I don’t see the problem…

  4. Maggie

    My kid couldn’t get on to Aerosmith’s coaster @ WDW so we took a free fast pass for the next visit when she was older…..because there’s a reason why they have those “you must be this tall” things – it’s for safety. I didn’t want her slipping out of the bars or straps and dying.

  5. Australian Kiwi

    And THIS is just why the height restrictions are in place. He put his daughter in danger, put cast manners jobs at risk and put other park goers at risk of seeing a potentially dangerous situation. Just because he is a celebrity doesn’t give him that right (and this is coming from an Australian – don’t think we’re going to defend these actions just because he’s one of us)

  6. Jess

    Y’all, she was maybe a half inch too short. It’s not that big of a deal. Not to mention, it sounds like she kept the snickers bars in there the whole time, which would make her tall enough anyways. It’s not really any different from wearing a pair of short heels so that you can go on all the rides.

    1. How short is too short? What? You don’t know? NEITHER DID HE.

  7. Jennifer C

    He did not take his daughter during this “experience” as this article states. He clearly stated in the interview that it was a prior time they were at thepark, when the ride was Tower of Terror.

  8. He shouldnt be shamed for such a little thing

  9. Anita

    She almost flew out of the ride that is what isn’t being stated. So yes he really did his daughter a disservice and she really could have been hurt. So saying it is no big deal is really wrong because it is a huge deal someone could have lost their job if she got hurt.

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