Comments for Disney CEO Bob Iger plans to step down in 2021

Bob Iger



  1. Tammie

    My daughter said, from the age of 12, said she would one day become the CEO of the Disney Corporation by the time she was 25. She will be 25 this year, so she will have to be a couple years late. And yes, she does currently work for Disney.

  2. Michelle Anderson

    Ever since Mr. Iger took the helm of Disney, customer service at Disney has taken a nose dive. The quality of merchandise has become more hit and miss than before. He continues to get paid outrageous sums of money while the workers are paid so disproportionately it is laughable. He favored foreign workers over long-term employees. I really hope they hire someone who cares more about guests and workers. I’m glad to see him finally go.

  3. hangfire77

    Kevin Mayer gets my vote. He knows that company inside and out and is currently at the helm of 2 of the major growth areas. His M&A successes show he has the chops for the job.

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