Comments for Mother of autistic boy “forced out of ‘Dumbo’ screening” by another movie-goer

Mother of autistic boy "forced Out Of 'Dumbo' screening" by another movie-Goer

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  1. Michelle

    Just a few questions 1) have you taken him to any movie theatre’s before and how did he react there, 2) did the theater offer a sensory showing of movie at some time and was this it 3) what time of day did you go and how crowded was the movie. I am just wondering if you set your child up to have a good time or yourself to have a reason to complain about how insensitive the rest of the world is to behavior issues. While I agree that this is a children’s movie and those without kids but just big Disney fans need to accept that kids are not going to sit quietly like a mini adult, I can also see that we all pay exorbitant money to see a movie and everyone has a right to enjoy their experience. While I am very sorry that your son’s experience was not a happy and fun one nor your other children’s you also need to be responsible to set your child up in a situation that he will be successful in and possibly he was just not ready to go to the movies yet regardless of being on the spectrum of autism.

  2. Catherine A Dutch

    I was wondering if the Mom has contacted Walt Disney World to see who may offer Autistic Friendly screenings for those with Sensory Integration Difficulties. I personally would have sought out the manager and had a discussion about the nasty Nancy. That woman who was so ignorant should have been asked to leave the screening. After all, Disney and Dumbo are for kids of ALL ages and all differences. Disney does NOT do hate.

  3. Pam

    I’m sorry you and your children had this awful experience. I think the other woman could have been more sensitive to your son and the situation; however, the other patrons of the theater have the right to enjoy the movie they paid to see. I’m an adult with an autism spectrum disorder who has been thru what your son went thru but my family has always loved and supported me and helped me face the reality of the world. I’ve learned to live in this world and have adjusted (the best I can) and one of those adjustments is that I don’t go to the movie theater I wait for the movie to come out on dvd and watch it at home.

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