Comments for UPDATE: Abigail Disney calls out The Walt Disney Company after the company defended its pay practices

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    Iger’s salary is OBSCENE !!!!!

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    Disney’s stock is up 400% over the past 10 years. Since becoming CEO in 2005, Disney has acquired Pixar, LucasFilm, Marvel, and 21st Century Fox, and its value has increased by $177 billion. From a shareholder perspective, has has more than earned his pay.

    For those who believe otherwise, perhaps Abigail Disney, who merely inherited her fortune, is not an ideal spokesperson.

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    Michelle Anderson

    It’s funny hypocrisy. He’s a liberal who wants us to share (force us to give) our wealth, but he doesn’t do the same with his employees. That being said I’m glad she called him out on this. It has been way past time for their employees to get better raises. This is simply blatant greed.

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    Matt Brewster

    NO ONE can say that they truly “earn” over a million bucks per week! This is why theme park prices are so high. While it overpays its top execs, some of its park employees are actually HOMELESS! The Company badly needs to gets its priorities in order, or it will find itself having to raise theme park prices so high that the public can no longer afford to visit them.

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    Well if he dont have employees he wont make a cent. Give back to those employees who are making you money. They are keeping your millions coming. Sad for your greed.

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