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Guests only to get 4 hours in star wars galaxy's edge

Credit: Disney


  1. Lucy Reilly

    Is there information for the month of June?

  2. DCL

    “You and your party will be required to leave Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at the end of your reservation time period,”

    followed with:

    “The report states that the company will be relying on an honor system when it comes to enforcing the rule.”

    Clearly they do not know the meaning of “required.”

  3. I find myself wondering how they’ll enforce it. Possibly with colored wristbands and just asking anyone with a ‘morning’ band to leave after a given time? I suspect this is only going to be a temporary measure, though, in any event… much like Pandora, this small area is going to be an utter mob scene if they don’t do something, and no one would enjoy the zone no matter HOW cool it is, if you’re literally shoulder to shoulder and unable to move. Anything will help.

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