Comments for Will Smith posts moving tribute to Robin Williams as Genie from Disney’s “Aladdin”

Will Smith tribute to Robin Williams

Credit: Disney - EW

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  1. Sarah Grace

    I think Will Smith is an excellent choice to play Genie. I know we are all nostalgic of the original Genie voiced by Robin Williams, but it seems like most people who are upset about Will Smith being chosen for the live action Aladdin are mainly upset that Robin Williams can’t be in it–therefore, no one will be good enough. I get that…but there comes a time when we need to move past what we’d prefer, and accept reality. The reality is that Robin Williams is…permanently unavailable. So who is the best available actor for the part? In my opinion, Will Smith’s fame and acting skill make him an excellent choice. Let’s just enjoy this movie as it is when it’s released.

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