Comments for Walt Disney World’s PeopleMover injures guests seeking more than $15k in lawsuit

Walt Disney World's PeopleMover injures guests, seeking more than $15k in lawsuit

Credit: Disney


  1. Indy

    I’ve been on the people move our vehicle stopped and our car was struck from behind by the next vehicle that then stopped and then they were hit and so on. It was loud and startling but not injury worthy. Maybe if you were standing up and not paying attention it would have knocked you down.

  2. Michael G Smart

    Whoa, whoa! Are we even talking about the right ride here? This is the Tomorrowland PeopleMover that you are talking about? This runs on an electric current through a magnetic system and the ride cars are set at a ride distance running on the same current. Think of a toy electric train track. You put engine at one start point and put a second engine at another point on the same track the two engines would never hit.

    1. Doc

      They aren’t at a fixed distance apart or at a constant speed. They are actually quite close together when at the station, and each one accelerates away from the station, increasing the distance between.
      The cars are not themselves powered, but are free-rolling cars on rails that are accelerated through the linear induction motors (“magnets”) embedded periodically along the track.

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