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Mickey’s PhilharMagic

Credit: Disney


  1. David Barbaree

    SInce the Sunset Showcase Theater at DCA is so much smaller than the Philharmagic Theater, I’m wondering if they will expand the DCA theater to match the size of the show at Magic Kingdom, or if they will just scale it down the fewer or smaller screens.

  2. Remco Kriek

    At Disneyland Paris they used the former Captain EO theater for this, re-using the old screen. They added virtual curtains to the movie and didn’t expand the theater at all

  3. Matt Brewster

    Every time I saw this in WDW it had sections that were OUT OF FOCUS!!! I hope they have corrected this. (What I REALLY hope, and wish, for is a return of the Mickey Mouse Revue to WDW, which once played at the MK theater where MP is now).

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