Comments for Everything Disney Gets With Its $71.3B Purchase of Fox

Everything Disney gets with its $71.2B purchase of Fox

Credit: Disney


  1. Tanya Wheelock

    I thought NBC owned This is Us.

  2. Tanya Wheelock

    Also, Universal owns the theme park rights to The Simpsons. This article is misleading.

  3. Thomas Stidman

    It is probably co-ownership with NBC. 20th Century Fox Television produces the show for NBC. 20th Television owns the Syndication rights, which can be as much if not more than the rights to air on NBC. After around five seasons, it will have enough episodes for a Syndication deal. This deal is going to be worth hundreds of millions possibly.

  4. itsbvb

    If Disney cares so much about the “parks experience” maybe, since they’re ownership of these entities will make millions or billions, they could find it in their greedy hearts to lower gate rates and make the “park experience”available to the average family again. I mean after all – they re buying up the whole world.

  5. Ashley

    I seriously doubt it, that’s not their brand. At the end of the day, they’re a business trying to make money because lolCapitalism. Their theme park direction is to give the very best possible experience in a clean, meticulously maintained and designed environment. This isn’t cheap to do, and so ticket prices and hotel rates keep on increasing. I doubt they’ll want to provide more moderate experiences to sell lower price-point tickets as they’d see it as lowering their brand’s standards. I wish they would, and I wish they offered more reasonable options as it’s almost impossible for the average American family to get to and experience the parks that everyone talks about.

  6. jeannell m williams

    The biggest issue with that is attendence. The only way to keep from crowding is prices. That’s why lowering prices would actually cause more problems.

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