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‘Disney’s Walk Around the World’ Bricks to be Retired as Transformation of Arrival Experience Continues at Magic Kingdom Park

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  1. frostysnowman

    So much work just to get a copy of my brick that I already paid for one time. …sigh…

  2. Janice Berdahl

    Not happy that the bricks are being removed. It was always fun to see which family member could spot our brick the fastest

    1. Bryan

      It’s the Disney way, being offered the “privelege” to pay for what your already purchased.
      Oh, and paying for parking at WDW resort hotels is mindless profiteering.

      Welcome to The Happiest Place on Earth. Bring a fat wallet.

  3. shirley Fox

    did not realize the bricks would be removed loved going there and finding our brick.

  4. Linda

    Very sad. I hope the one I can order through email will look the same as the ones people are ordering at the kiosks. I always looked for my brick each time I visited. A bit of the magic will be gone?

    1. André DeVine

      The commemorative bricks text aren’t debossed, they are printed. However they turn out quite nice and with the AP discount it was only $25. I always wanted a real brick so this was a good alternative.

  5. Alex B

    Very disappointed to hear about the brick removal. In all honesty I do not recall hearing about a time factor on the brick. With what was paid out by each guest for their brick, I truly believe they should be given the option to retrieve their personal brick. Free.
    Alex B.

    1. Milton Nicholson

      when we purchased ours..we were told they would be there forever..and if ever removed..we could get it..now they say it was only for 11 years… new Disney forgot how the park was about family

  6. Carol Kennedy

    Very disappointed love going to Disney and taking a picture of my girls getting older in front of our Disney brick.

  7. frostysnowman

    I don’t think they are giving us exact copies – some people on FB were complaining that when they tried to order, the logo on the top of the brick was different. One person had the 25th anniversary logo on hers and said they wouldn’t duplicate it. Which makes this even worse.

    1. Isidra

      I’m so over Disney trying to make a buck out of every little thing they can. People have paid already. Give them a copy and DON’T charge them! It’s already crazy how they keep raising their passes every year! You make enough! Mr. Walt wouldn’t be happy to see how
      Money hungry they’ve become!

  8. Roxanne Loughlin

    It makes me sad. Finding our brick was always exciting, and made us feel a part of our favorite place in the World! But, I am happy we’re being offered a souvenir brick, and we’re grateful they’ve been in place this long!?

  9. Linda Lee

    Would Disney remove a cemetery and then expect the family to buy back the headstone? Many of these bricks are in memory of those no longer with us. One more nail in the compassion coffin.

  10. marty pickett

    Just another family tradition destroyed by the mega-corporation that this once-magical place is becoming. I’m sure Walt is feeling like he’s on a fast-dry spin cycle in his grave! Someday there will literally be nothing left of the original spaces, rides and commemorative highlights of Mr. Disney’s original dreams. But I’m certain that Mr. Iger sleeps soundly every night on his pillows and mattresses stuffed with hard-working “guests” $100 bills. Such a shame.

  11. Lori

    It’s a shame that the “Happiest Place on Earth” is not concerned about its (affordable) family image any more. Prices on EVERYTHING are increasing and now they’re making those who paid for their special bricks to pay even more to receive a SIMILAR copy. The magic of Disney is quickly fading……..

  12. Lori

    Agree totally.

  13. Doug

    Change is good. If they were guaranteed until 2011 the people got an extra 8 years so stop complaining. IF YOU’RE MAD GO TO SIX FLAGS

    1. Bryan

      It’s the Disney way, being offered the “privelege” to pay for what your already purchased.
      Oh, and paying for parking at WDW resort hotels is mindless profiteering.

      Welcome to The Happiest Place on Earth. Bring a fat wallet.

    2. Steven Farrell

      Been to Disney quite a few times in the past 2017 was the last time, never again, to busy now days, fastpasses on your phone,apps for everything.

  14. Louise Corito

    So disappointed in Disney….they are double charging people that paid originally when they purchased the bricks ? and once more again now!
    Do not agree with this!

  15. Susan A Callahan

    Totally agree. Especially for loved ones that have passed.

  16. Susan A Callahan

    Well said. Disney so different and not in a good way.

  17. Susan A Callahan

    This is so wrong on so many levels. So money mongering Disney. Disgusting


    I think they should move them some where else in the park, so that we can visit them. I really enjoyed showing all my friends my brick every visit. Very sad : (
    Barbara Scocca

  19. John and Robin Bubonic

    Actually it stinks. Just another way for Disney to make money off something we’ve already paid for. Thanks for the memories.

  20. Kim

    Heartbroken! We always visit my dads brick since he passed away in 1997 ?

  21. When I purchased the brick, there was nothing about being guaranteed until 2011. Where this came from, I have no idea.

  22. CCW

    All about $$
    Charged people $200 to buy it, now $10 for a sovereign of it. How much did and will they make?

  23. Dana

    What does this mean for the bricks at Disney Anaheim? I have 6 bricks there ☹

    1. Calstar

      SIX !!! I tried to get one for my grandmother before she passed and they sold out. That’s ANOTHER THING, they needed to put a single brick limit to these greedy grubby self serving people with no compassion for others.

  24. George Filcoff

    Getting steamrolled by some jerk planners on something so part of my Disney experience is devastating . I’m sure it will fester into a bitter feeling and cause all of us to think twice about anytime we want a vacation. Loyalty is a one way street with Disney.

  25. We are very disappointed with The Removal of The Disney Walk Around Bricks, which I purchased on my Honeymoon @ Walt Disney World, May 1995; and Dedicated to my deceased, Grandson, Peter-Jerome.

  26. Tracy Duke

    My husband and I bought a brick for my parents. They went to Disney from Pennsylvania every winter and would go visit their brick. My dad passed away in September and this breaks my heart they are removing them. I won’t be able to visit their brick and remember the thrill it brought my dad to visit it and see his name right there in front of him. So disappointing!

  27. Howard Lieb

    Saddened by the loss of the connection to so many visits to our brick through the twenty five years it has been there. It was always magical for us, the kids and grandkids to see the memory of those wonderful visits to the Magic Kingdom through the years. As said so eloquently in a previous post, we have many photos of our family growing up next to our brick. I wish we could get it – the age, wear and patina make it all the more special!

  28. Milton Nicholson

    Am sorry to see the brick go,,,it has been a source of much family pleasure over the years..our kids were young in 93… and we have pictures with them with it as they grew…both kids are now in their late 20’s and get Disney park passes every year..our daughter now lives in Florida and is a teacher , she and our son spend all their family vacation time at the parks and our daughter is there at least once a week with family and friends,,,

  29. Amanda

    I understand that change has to happen. Glad to have the opportunity to get a commemorative brick, However the bricks down the walk along the lagoon are in perfect shape. Why can’t we take our original brick if it hasn’t been touched? It’s so sad that years of memories are being removed.

  30. darren

    I don’t understand why people are complaining, we were told the bricks were only guaranteed for 10 years when we bought ours, we’ve now had it in place for 21 years, can’t complain at that, and $10 for a replica is a bargain. People just like to knock Disney.

  31. Jeanne Donovan

    This is just another example of Disney’s money grabbing! These bricks were already paid for back when purchased. Yes they probably get wear and tear but reselling a commemorative brick to those that purchased them already is a crime. This is surely not the company that Walt or Roy ran, that’s for sure.

  32. LongtimeDisneyfan

    I bought the brick when they first offered it. I’m sad to see the bricks go and also have pictures of my kids near our brick. But, in defense of Disney, we were told it would only be there for 10 years. So I’m happy it was there as long as it was. People who have issues with it being removed and Disney changing the look and feel of the entrance… think about if Disney never changed anything…there would be no need to go back, to experience new and exciting things. It’s the price of progress and new experiences that those families today long for. If we’re not changing, we’re stagnating.

    1. Disney71

      I agree! Thankful I got to see it way longer than was promised. Did they raise the price? I think I paid $99 for it – someone mentioned $200. Last time we went honestly most of the fonts were worn down and hard to read and looked ready to be replaced – looked kind of bad but still fun to hunt. And it’s silly to think they are going to painstakingly chisel carefully each edge to get each brick out – come on people. I’m happy to pay the $10 to get my replacement and see it every day.

  33. Jamie

    Very upset that my 3 bricks will be trashed. Bought 2 in 94 and one more in 96 at $50 a piece. The 2 were right in front of the Magic Kingdom where the monorail exits. The 3rd one was at the ticket and transportation center. Now i have to pay another $30 to get a souvenier of the 3 i already paid for. Then it says while supplies last. We’ve been going there every year since 1975 and they got enough of my money. I wont be able to get there this year so i guess my pictures and certificates they sent me will have to do. So very sad and it breaks my heart. Not happy at all

  34. Jamie

    I bought 2 in 94 for $50 a piece and one more in 96 for another 50.

  35. Jamie

    I bought 2 in 94 and 1 more in 96 and they never said that they would only be there for so many years

  36. Tony

    I had one of those bricks but instead of WDW mine was at DLP and it was removed a couple of years ago. It was in perfect state though but the whole entrance to the park was being redone. I wish they had offered this option so that I would have been able of keeping a physical memory of my stone but they didn’t. So sad ☹

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