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Captain Marvel highest grossing

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  1. Jonah S.

    I’m very surprised that you chose to publish a rumor which, by your own admission, may be nothing more than an attempt by a small but vocal minority of fans to smear a strong female lead. The reviews so far seem pretty unambiguously positive. I appreciate that the rumors may be news in and of themselves, but somehow we don’t get these kind of pre-release “rumors” when the lead is a man. I expect a higher level of journalistic integrity from this site.

  2. Gabriel Dagaz

    Totally have to agree with you that this story should’ve been verified by two separate sources but for you or anyone to claim that the reviews for Captain Marvel are “pretty positive” when even the “Positive” reviews couldn’t say more than the movie was “Bland”. Captain Marvel is a trainwreck that should’ve been a shoe-in. If the Director, writers, and Lead would’ve left politics out and just concentrated on a good story then the MCU could’ve ended up with a Wonder Woman level film or at least a Alita: Battle Angel. Instead there is a very likely chance that this movie may bomb as even the rational reviewers like Grace Randolph and Midnight’s Edge have to admit that the movie is bland propaganda with some good moments.

  3. Trevor

    About half of the fan base of the MCU report that they have no interest in seeing this movie two to the overt political message that has been shoehorned in, as well as the fact that Brie Larson has made racist and sexist comments on a number of different occasions. repeating the old trope that the fans are threatened by a female lead is absurd and does nothing to change the facts that I just pointed out to you. Your political bias is showing, and the fact that most of the people or criticizing the way the marketing for this movie has been handled are also fans of female-led movies such as alien and the force awakens shows you are simply spouting those talking points because you have a political bias. many of the fans are upset that the MCU is being wreck on to make captain marvel look good while those fans are still desperately waiting for a black widow or Scarlet witch movie. By the way, claiming that the only reason people are criticizing this movie when they have articulated very legitimate criticisms is very sexist of you. You are judging them based on nothing except what you perceived to be their gender and your assuming their motives based on what you perceive to be their gender. Shame on you for making those sexist attacks against people who you don’t even know. I really hope your employer sees your post and requires you to attend diversity training so that you can work on your biases.

  4. Cool Dude

    As bad as the reviews are for this movie Bob Iger may be feeling quite upset with Captain Marvel in a couple weeks if he isn’t already. They’ve made the whole thing sound dreadful.

  5. “Many of the site’s users targeted the hero in their writings because the character is a female hero.” Come on, no one targets a movie just because it has a female hero–the issue here was that this girl power movie made men look bad. I haven’t seen the movie, so I don’t know if it would come across that way to me. I did like the all-gal Ghostbusters. But there are some of us who are getting tired of feminism meaning bashing men–rather than just being equal, women have to be more equal than men. And I’m a woman myself, and I’m tired of it.

    1. bryy

      You…. just bashed the movie for having a female lead.

  6. I love the movie, from the opening revamped logo, to the very last second. Never looked at my watch even once. Thought it was a perfect addition to the MCU. Can’t wait for a sequel and Endgame!

  7. Cosmic Book News is not a reliable source, as they are always biased. I’m amazed as how you guys were gullible enough to feed off rumours. I thought you were better than that.

  8. Triseb

    ‘Captain Marvel’ Nears $1 Billion Worldwide as of April 1st. No Fooling. Yeah, Bob Iger must be livid and this ‘train wreck’ of a movie didn’t resonate with anyone to the tune of $1B.

  9. TRRogue

    Cosmic Book News has a deep hate for Brie Larson, Captain Marvel, and strong women in general. They live to hate on characters like Captain Marvel and Black Panther. They also “reported” all this based on rumors and YouTube conspiracy videos. You might want to double check sources before reporting on this trash.

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